Cristiano Ronaldo Pulls Off Sassy ‘No Look’ Pass As Real Madrid Limber Up In Shanghai (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, July 2015

By Chris Wright

Normally we’d consider the ‘no-look’ pass to be one of the daftest innovations in the history of football, what with it serving no purpose whatsoever 99% of the time you see it trotted out.

That said, we couldn’t help but be impressed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s playful version, as pulled off during this afternoon’s Real Madrid training session in Shanghai.

He even threw a nonchalant little wave to the crowd in for good measure…

He may be a sassy little strumpet, but he’s our sassy little strumpet.

That said, Cristiano’s little flourish had nothing on the epic1 skillz being busted out by Arsenal’s very own Laurent Koscielny over at the Emirates…

Mon dieu!

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