Sunderland Winger James McClean Receives Death Threats After Call Up To Ireland’s EURO 2012 Squad

By Alan Duffy

Young wideman James McClean has enjoyed a superb breakthrough season with Sunderland, with his surging left wing runs even earning him a place in the Republic of Ireland’s preliminary squad for EURO 2012. However, not everyone is happy with the midfielder’s success in securing a berth with the Boys In Green.

Derry-born McClean initially played for Northern Ireland at youth and U21 levels, but like many players from that part of Ireland including Darron Gibson and Marc Wilson,  he eventually decided to represent the Republic. That decision, as you can imagine, didn’t go down too well with some people in Northern Ireland, and Giovanni Trapattoni’s decision to include McClean in his EURO 2012 squad has only added fuel to the fire.

After expressing his joy at being included in the Irish senior squad, the 23-year-old received a number of death threats on Twitter. The player himself responded with good humour, Tweeting:

“Love the dogs’ abuse am gettin off shock N.I fans, just worry about watchin ur own country at the euros… oh wait #mybad #awkward haha.”

However, the PSNI are now looking into the matter, with a spokesperson saying:

“We don’t discuss individual cases, however, if we receive information that a person’s life may be at risk we will inform them accordingly. We never ignore anything which may put an individual at risk.”

Let’s hope it’s nothing more than Twitter-buffoons acting the eejit.

Here’s the full Irish squad, by the way. Norwich duo of Wes Hoolahan and Anthony Pilkington (who is yet to formally declare for Ireland)  miss out…

Squad: Shay Given (Aston Villa), Keiren Westwood (Sunderland), David Forde (Millwall); John O’Shea (Sunderland), Stephen Kelly (Fulham), Stephen Ward (Wolves), Richard Dunne (Aston Villa), Sean St Ledger (Leicester), Darren O’Dea (Leeds), Kevin Foley (Wolves); Glenn Whelan (Stoke), Keith Andrews (West Brom), Keith Fahey (Birmingham), Darron Gibson (Everton), Damien Duff (Fulham), Aiden McGeady (Spartak Moscow), Stephen Hunt (Wolves), James McClean (Sunderland); Robbie Keane (LA Galaxy), Kevin Doyle (Wolves), Shane Long, Simon Cox (both West Brom), Jon Walters (Stoke).

Stand-by: Darren Randolph (Motherwell), Paul McShane (Crystal Palace), Paul Green (Unattached), Seamus Coleman (Everton), Andy Keogh (Millwall).

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  1. Richard Dunne says:

    Is it really a surprise tht he didnt want to play for Northern Ireland with fans like that. It just goes to show what idiots they are, now, anyone with dual nationality born in NI will prefer to play with the republic fans.

  2. TAYPOT says:

    Even if he did play for Northern Ireland the fans would probably end up treatin him like Neil Lennon and others. Narrow-minded fools. He’s better off playin for Ireland.

  3. Elwood says:

    Really, is that your opinion of us? I admit the death threats are abit too much but he deserves the dogs abuse, he says we’re being sectarian against him for this even though he’s endorsing sectarianism by playing for the Republic, also Neil Lennon got abuse because he was abusive towards the Protestant fans in the first place and still is. Saying we’re narrow-minded fools is a stupid comment look at Paddy McCourt, he’s one of Northern Ireland’s fan favourites, and such legends as Gerry Armstrong and Martin O’Neill are Catholic, so do your research kids

  4. pray4muamba says:

    good for james for getting the nod…and good for the FA for not giving him a huge fine for that innocent tweet!

  5. Jack says:

    @ Elwood “I admit the death threats are a bit too much”; a BIT too much!? A F*cking BIT? – Absolutely retarded comment (anyone who goes & does this type of thing on twitter is a complete oxygen thief)
    2. “but he deserves the dogs abuse” – do you realise you sound like a jealous ex-girlfriend that’s actually trying to convince HERSELF to believe complete & utter b*llocks?

  6. chris Egan says:

    Nice to see norn iron fans reverting to type still they’ve still got the Olympics to get excited about, bless em. Sectarian scum when will they ever learn?

  7. Elwood says:

    @Jack well done you resorted to personal insults, you’re a real witty guy, I don’t endorse the death threats at all, and the dog’s abuse I said he deserves has nothing to do with his football if he doesn’t want to play for Northern Ireland we don’t want him, I said he deserves due to the Sectarianism he endorses by his comments and instead of calling out the few that did send him death threats he insulted an entire nation, not acceptable at all so backing him proves you know nothing of the situation so stick to what you know kid

  8. Dusty says:

    Lol @ Elwood. Typical dim witted, knuckle dragging bigot.

    “He’s being sectarian by playing for the Republic”

    How deluded. Imagine an Irishman with an Irish passport playing for Ireland! “fuckin’ deserves the abuse re fenian basturt”.


    Never mind the knuckle draggers. Do your country proud James!

  9. Jarren says:

    Fair play to him, it’s his choice.

    I’d rather see a Northern Ireland squad who wanted to play for their country instead of half of them being bitter & resentful.

    Getting death threats because you want to play for the Republic is a disgrace.

    These people aren’t fans, they’re bigots. Pure and simple.

    From a Norn Iron supporter and home-grown Belfast boy.

  10. Jim says:

    Its Ireland NOT the republic

  11. Big FRED says:

    Its time to stop this dual nationality rubbish between north and south Ireland. And isn’t the same as ‘my granddad was from Wales’. Anyone in the north can do this.Regardless if they have any ties to the south. We can either have a UNITED team and learn to like it or Northern Ireland’s fate in international football is doomed.

  12. McRico says:

    Northern Ireland should go the way off their beloved Glasgow Rangers, into the realms of History.

    Northern Ireland is disgrace to world football. Their fans, their image, even their existence.

    Life would be so much easier if you’d all just join allegiance to an all Ireland football team.

    Under a flag that represents all Green, Orange and White for Peace!

  13. Toz says:

    It’s been a long time since the troubles McRico, but I think there are too many who remember the dark days.

    Hopefully it’ll happen in our lifetime but one can never be truly sure of these things. Olympics might be a good start.

  14. Messi Balls says:

    Have to agree with majority of posts on here. I’m glad he chose Ireland and he will be too. He’s Irish and for him to turn down a country that is anti-Irish is a a natural decision.

    These peoplke from the North (Protestants) are not like Irish people, they are all decendants from Scotland and are Protestants.

    They are extremeley bitter people, hate filled, racist and bigots……… Obviously not all but a very large number. They are affiliated with possibly the most embarrassing team in Britain, the mighty glasgow rangers! a protestant club that has anti catholic teachings from it’s birth in the 19th century and it continues today.

    They’re love for Scotland is more than their own country.

    These people hate us (and they’re in our country!!). For James McLean to pick Norn Iron would be suicide.

    I don’t hate anyone but these people show their disatisfaction by sending death threats! O’Neill, Lennon (for celebrating his teams victories)and McLean. A country full of keyboard terrorists who spray death threats on walls!

    Great decision James, great player and I hope he does well.

    PS: I would love a united football team but it won’t be happening due to the narrow mindedness of these people.

    As stated above, our flag represents both sides of the devide but its not enough for some people. Like the rugby team, I would welcome any person that wants to play for ireland with open arms.

  15. Beak Morris says:

    NI fans should just let McLean go. He’s a major wind-up merchant with a chip on his shoulder, and he also appears to be a complete retard.

    Also the person above is a sectarian knob-head.

  16. Beak Morris says:

    NI fans just have to accept McLean is gone, never mind. He is a major wind-up merchant who was trolling for a reaction, and also appears to be a complete and utter bone-head.

    Also “Messi’s Balls” post is the most sectarian thing I’ve ever read.

  17. Richard Dunne says:

    “Paddy McCourt, he’s one of Northern Ireland’s fan favourites, and such legends as Gerry Armstrong and Martin O’Neill are Catholic, so do your research kids”
    Do your own research, did any of these 3 players get death threats from the Republic fans? Ridiculous comments. McClean has chosen ROI and he will be a fan favourite also. You should not pat yourself on the back for supporting you players. Young ferguson for Newcastle has opted to play for Northern Ireland, he is from the North of Ireland and I wish him all the success for the future!

  18. murry1975 says:

    @Messi Balls you are as bigoted as those you complain against. Narrow-minded and blinded to it.

    @Elwood, death-threats are unexceptable in a civilized society, note that his replies where to all those knuckle-draggers not just the death-threat ones, the ones who castigated him for his decision. How you would have preferred him to respond? Taking the piss out of the situation, if you cant take a jovial response, well we are back to knuckle-dragging.

    There will be no united team, the IFA will soon be merged with the other British FA’s, then you will see more Northern Ireland born players declaring for Ireland.

  19. Beak M. says:

    McClean is a wind up merchant who got exactly the response he was looking for. It was inevitable that some idiot would take the bait.As a NI fan I wouldn’t worry too much about him defecting, as it’s clear he has no love for NI anyway. He also appears to be a complete retard.

  20. Jamiec says:

    Hahahah @ beak m, u idiot I have no view on the argument, but u really do sum it up!

  21. BB Gun says:

    I’m glad we didn’t get him as he is a wind up merchant and a retard!!!!! Yes yes yes this is what we are dealing with folks, these are the words from the Northern Ireland fans. What a response.

    One of the best young players in the prem, if he was english he’d be worth 20 million (true, that’s going off jordan hendersons price tag)

    The bigoted group of Northern ireland fans will see more and more of these players wanting to play for the republic, apart from the fact that they have a better team, their fans are normal and couldnt care less about religion. get on with life and leave the bitterness in the past please

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