Newcastle’s Steven Taylor Hits The Deck For Backpass With Panache vs Tottenham (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

You’ve got to love Steven Taylor; the guy just doesn’t think like you’re average footballer…

(Video via @CrablockerFishwife)

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  1. Andre Villas-Boas says:

    No you don’t got to love Steven Taylor. The lad is always one error away from disaster. This stuff won’t always come off. Got to love Andy Carroll for breaking his jaw. Remember the first game last season when he claimed he saw Gervinho elbow Barton and then he wouldn’t talk about it afterwards. He is whats wrong with the modern footballer. Special shout out to Pardew for being a prick as well.

  2. Si says:

    @AVB – Aye, he’s exactly what’s wrong with the modern footballer:

    (1) he’s loyal (despite getting his jaw shattered by a neanderthal and parked on the bench for the best part of a season);
    (2) he gives his all on the pitch to the point of putting himself in danger;
    (3) he genuinely loves the club and the fans;
    (4) when he finally does score, the sincerity in his wild celebrations is something to behold;
    (5) he is never featured in the local rags in (alleged) sex / rape or booze-related scandals (unlike some of his Mackem counterparts); and
    (6) he is a prime example of an “effort before skill” footballer and good grief, he works his balls off, week in and week out.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I would agree that Taylor is “always one error away from disaster” but those errors are few and far between, which is a welcome change given that Toon fans had to put up with Titus “a howler a game” Bramble for the best part of a decade.

    However, if you genuinely think that Taylor is the footballing antichrist compared to his peers, you are clearly beyond reproach and child, may God have mercy on your soul.

  3. marajonna says:

    Perhaps I’ve read one too many “you are the ref” quizs but I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. You’re not allowed to do anything sneaky to get around the back pass rule ie you can’t chip it up and head it back.

  4. C says:

    Haha, sneaky git!

    But “doesn’t think like you’re average footballer”. Seriously?

  5. ToonForever says:

    AVB – you’re out of your gourd – he’s a clever player – he was at the center of our brilliant start last season, and it was when he went down injured that our defense started leaking goals. You don’t know what you’re on about. Pay attention to your own club. After all, you lost.

  6. Ronald McDonald says:

    Lot of Scumderland fans on here then. The guy is a legend!

  7. ffc says:

    Wow. Is there any fans as obnoxious as the Geordies? The guys a seriously average footballer. He stayed cos no one wanted him. He even admitted to Cristiano Ronaldo that he was a shit footballer. He just couldn’t admit how ugly he is. Throw on top of this that he leaves a little bit in after the tackle, the histrionics he produces when tackled or fouled. John Terry is a full blooded defender whose ability leaves Taylor in the shadows yet everyone hates him. Oh and why did the ponytail ninja punch Taylor. I don’t suppose it had anything to do with him doing the dog with his missus. That wouldn’t be a sex scandal now would it?

  8. ToonArmyTX says:

    The mackems have fans?

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