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‘Man vs Food’ Host Adam Richman Visits White Hart Lane For First Time, Cries Like A Big Hairy Baby (Video)

By Chris Wright

Here’s ‘Man vs Food’ leviathan, deep-fried meat aficionado and – we’re led to believe – passionate Tottenham fan Adam Richman visiting his Mecca (White Hart Lane) for the first time. As you’ll see, it all gets a little bit much for our Adam when he emerges out into the empty stadium…

Bless him. You could be cynical and suggest it’s all laid on a little thick to be genuine, but we’re willing to believe that Adam’s an emotional creature, swept away by it all. His nervous excitement and enthusiasm are contagious.

(Video: Spurs)

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By Chris on December 4th, 2012 in Tottenham Hotspur, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

23 Responses to “‘Man vs Food’ Host Adam Richman Visits White Hart Lane For First Time, Cries Like A Big Hairy Baby (Video)”

  1. Spurs Dinner Lady says:

    After he marvelled at the cup, did he eat the fucking thing?

  2. Gazz says:

    With the Spuds hat, chubby face and a little beard he looks a little like Sulaiman al-Fahim (the Pompey chairman who had no money)

  3. Eddy says:

    Coming from a man who has openly admitted to liking Celtic and Rangers, he can shove off. What a blubbering shitbag…

  4. JayJay says:

    Wow, Americans are great actors aye! If he thinks that’s good, wait till he sees The Emirates!

  5. Alex says:

    Clint Dempsey’s let himself go

  6. Smelly Feet says:

    What makes it seem legit is the fact that he pulled a ‘arry Redknapp when trying to do the Brit accent interview bit

  7. TravisKOP says:

    ive actually watched a fair bit of his show and over the years hes probably packed on 50ish lbs.
    @Eddy: Americans dont understand the concept of derby matches and rivalries in football so they support anyone they like. dont knock him for being ignorant. Christ i have some mates here that went from UTD to LFC!

  8. TravisKOP says:

    And at least hes one of the few americans ever born that doesnt support Utd, chelsea, barca or madrid. 90% of em are glory hounds

  9. Jack Scurvy says:

    I always knew there was a reason I didn’t like that Americunt. He and Adele can go get fucked.

  10. Gambling says:

    What the fuck is he wearing?!

  11. Liam E says:

    Oh when the spurs *go marching in

  12. packy says:

    He’s a national embarrassment for the US.

  13. Lilywhite London says:

    Jay Jay – he was talking about history being made at WHL and you’re trying to compare the Emptycraps? That soulless, red and white toilet bowl is full of history innit…

  14. jeanne says:

    I am american and I feel like that about the club i support. I respect the bro.

    wanna be british trust me

  15. Jarren says:

    No idea who he is, but he seems likeable and genuine from that video.

    A few comments saying he’s a bit of a dick, is there previous to that or is it just bored trolls?

  16. Rory says:

    what a fat shit.

  17. dusty bottoms says:

    he’s laying it on kinda thick, but he also does that on his TV show.

    as seen somewhere else, this episode was “man vs tracksuit”

  18. Jay Jay says:

    @Lilywhite London: If we’re talking about Toilet Bowls, Shite Hart Lane has got nothing to crow about. Liam Brady,Charlie George,McLintock,Bergkamp,Wrighty,Henry…A philosohpy of football will never be soulless. Keep hating though.

  19. Selfmade says:

    Like so often, way too many trolls have been let out of the Emirates. I dont give a ish where he comes from or what he wears. He’s a Spurs fan, so let him be. God, how old are some of you guys?

  20. OldNumber7Shirt says:

    Serious question. What would happen first, he eats the entire pitch (just the grass part) or Spurs win the league? Man vs Pitch.’twould be a ratings bonanza

  21. JayJay says:

    @Selfmade:Really? So calling The Emirates a Toilet Bowel aint trolling? Leave it out son

  22. rob says:

    Proper ledge, knows his stuff just google adam richman spurs and watch the video from the cardiff game. ok i am off to write a losd of shit on some other sites so i get to feel what its like to be one of you pricks who get off writing bollocks


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