Real Madrid 4-0 Tottenham: Lilywhites Schooled By Rampant Blancos

Chris Wright

6th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Let’s not beat around the bush here people, Tottenham were completely spanked by Real Madrid at the Bernabeu last night – and probably still would have been even if Peter Crouch hadn’t been such an over-eager toolbag from the off.

Judging from the media reaction this morning, the general consensus seems to be that Tottenham were unlucky; Crouch’s untimely red, Lennon’s late withdrawal due to a sore-throat, Jamie Redknapp’s anguished punditry – but the simple fact that Spurs were pegged back in their own half for large swathes of the tie, were lucky to escape a first-half penalty claim unscathed, endured several bouts of poor marking, went to ground too easily on far too many occasions when trying to alleviate pressure and posted a fairly dire pass completion rate suggests otherwise.

There can be no two ways about it, Spurs were singularly outplayed all evening long by vastly superior opponents – yet ‘Arry’s rabble will no doubt find a shred of consolation in the fact that they still conspired to get four attempts on goal away despite Madrid’s prolonged domination (Ronaldo alone had 14 shots), which is roughly four more than their North East London rivals managed on Spanish soil not so very long ago.

That, for me, effectively signals the end of Tottenham’s fairytale run in the competition this campaign though positives can undoubtedly be taken, with the preceding games showing that several members of the Spurs squad (Bale, Lennon, Modric, etc…) are fit for purpose as far as top level European football is concerned.

Jose Mourinho refused to bask after the game, saying that ‘with the English attitude to football, the tie is not over yet’, with Redknapp also vowing to ‘give it a go’ in the second-leg – but can anyone out there honestly envisage Spurs overturning a four-goal deficit back at the Lane?

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  1. Mark says:

    Well Madrid are just going to sit back in the 2nd leg thus nullifying any threat Bale may pose.

    They will just play keep ball and with Alonso, Ozil etc they will easily do it too. Tottenham may get one but no more.

  2. Tinez says:

    i think it’s rich to use a stat like ‘ronaldo had 14 shots on his’ when ronaldo will shoot from anywhere at anything. you can’t say ‘would have been outplayed with 11 men’ because you simply have no idea. they would have had much more of a threat upfront, a better out-ball and more hold up play further up the pitch. it’s all very nice make statements that can’t be proved false, but it doesn’t make great writing.

  3. Tinez says:

    apparently i can’t write either.

  4. MaxMad says:

    The 2nd leg will undoubtedly be another 2010 Inter-Barça defensive shitfest.

  5. pooky says:

    Back in 2004 Deportivo La Coruna won their second leg 4-0 against someone I couldn’t be bothered to look up, having been 4-0 (or 4-1?) down after the first. It could be done – it won’t be, obviously – but it could!!

  6. wisy says:

    Spur fans bla bla bla big mouth fans

  7. spooky neroy says:

    @MaxMad so who is gonna pull a busquets on tottenham? sandro?

  8. HarryBayles says:

    And don’t forget Fulham coming back from 3-1 down in the first leg against Juve last season in the Europa league to win the tie 5-4. Although you can use previous results as much as you want, I can’t see Spurs getting anything other than a consolatory goal in the second leg

  9. Fat Nakago says:

    The referee quite obviously has a prejudice against lanky ectomorphs, and thus should be banned from further UEFA competitions. =P

  10. TravisKOP says:

    id love to see spurs come back from the ethereal nothingness and conjure up 4 goals at white hart lane but thats about as likely as cheryl cole showing up at my door tonight to fancy a shag

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