Chelsea Kings Of The Big Spenders As Transfer Window Deals Hit £4.4bn In 10 Years

Alan Duffy

30th, August 2012


By Alan Duffy

A new report from Deloitte puts the figure for total spending in the Premier League since the introduction of the transfer window (10 years ago) at a whopping £4.4 billion.

It’ll come as little surprise that Chelsea come out on top as the top division’s biggest spenders, with the Blues spunking £673 million (of mainly Roman Abramovich’s money) over the last decade.

Man City, the latest nouveau riche kids on the block come in second, with Liverpool, Man Utd and Tottenham rounding off the top five.

No doubt Arsenal fans will be making the most of the fact that their north London rivals Spurs have spent over £130million more on players over the last 10 years. While Villa fans will surely be wondering how the hell their club is in seventh place, having spent over £200million, with little to show for it.

‘Financial Fair Play’ my arse.

Anyway, here’s the Top 20 in full, in terms of millions spent in the last 10 years. Loadsamoney!

1. Chelsea 673
2. Man City 572
3. Liverpool 414
4. Man United 352
5. Tottenham 350
6. Arsenal 214
7. Aston Villa 201
8. Sunderland 187
9. Newcastle 174
10. Everton 129
11. West Ham 123
12. Wigan 110
13. Fulham 107
14. Portsmouth 100
15. Birmingham 92
16. Blackburn 87
17. Stoke 84
18. Bolton 76
19. Middlesboro 71
20. West Brom 64