P Diddy Wants To Buy Crystal Palace … ‘Because He Likes The Name’

Ollie Irish

18th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish

“May I introduce Cristal Palace’s new manager and assistant manager, Tayshawndra and Princess-Shanika.”

The Current Bun brings us the remarkable news that P Diddy (aka Puffy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs) is interested in buying Crystal Palace. My first thought: April 1st isn’t for two weeks. My second thought: I don’t think Paul Hart is much of a hip-hop fan. He wouldn’t last a second in the Diddy era.

However, as mental as it seems, Diddy does want to invest in an English club, and Palace caught his bling-obsessed eye.

“Diddy was in London meeting football fixers a couple of weeks ago,” a spokesman for the mogul said. “The finance is in place, he’s just deciding who he thinks he’ll make a bid for.

“Portsmouth were mentioned but he thought Palace were a better idea.

“He could cover their debt and bankroll a return to the Premier League. He liked the name as well.”

He liked the name? It’s a cracking reason to buy a club. Shudder. Maybe someone should tell him it’s ‘Crystal’ not ‘Cristal’.

Still, he’s got to be a better owner than Simon Jordan.

Via The Sun