Unsettled Kaka Flirting With Manchester City?

By Ollie Irish

Kaka turned down the chance to join the Manchester City revolution last summer, but he seems to have changed his tune of late:

“The match between City and Spurs is so much more important than three points,” the Brazilian told the Express.

“If City win it they can start their journey to becoming a super club.

“I have said that you couldn’t buy history but if City start qualifying for the Champions League, they can start creating their own history. And with the resources they have, they can create a super team very quickly.

“In World Cup year players’ price-tags will always go rapidly up if they have a good tournament and City will probably be one of only a few teams in the world who will be able to afford the crazy prices.

“If they beat Tottenham and ultimately get Champions League football then we can expect some of the world’s best to move to them in the summer.”

Hmm, interesting, not least because Kaka’s move to Real Madrid has turned out to be nothing short of a disaster, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had told his agent to get him the hell out of Spain.

Kaka to Man City then? Nothing is impossible.