Liverpool Knock Back £35m Bid For Fernando Torres – ‘The Player Is Not For Sale’

Chris Wright

28th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

“I just can’t TAKE this crap-ola anymore”

According to those elusive waifs over at the Times, Liverpool have knocked back a £35 million bid from Chelsea for striker Fernando Torres.

The newspaper are claiming that the club contacted them immediately after rebuffing the offer, though no official word has been released by the Anfield PR department as yet.

The salient quotes being carried by the Times, told to them in ‘super secret’ by an anonymous Liverpool spokesman, read thusly:

“Chelsea have made a bid for Fernando which has been turned down, the player is not for sale.”

The same source must have also gotten on the blower to the Sun, as the red-top are also privy to the exclusive quotes – though they reckon the bid was nearer the £40 million mark.

Several other organs are running with the theme this morning, with the Daily Express, Mirror and Independent all fairly certain that Chelsea will eventually get their man…if the Londoners happen to lodge respective £50-, £60- and £70-million bids for Torres over the course of the next few days.

Oh, the January transfer window. How you spoil us with your many-splendored wonders.

UPDATE: And this from LFC’s official website, just to hammer home the point:

“Liverpool Football Club have insisted Fernando Torres is not for sale despite the emergence of a bid from Chelsea.

“When presented with the story by the media on Thursday night, a LFC spokesman dismissed any notion that the Spain international was for sale.

“Chelsea have made a bid for Fernando which has been turned down,” the spokesman said. “The player is not for sale.”

So there.

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  1. megaman789 says:

    Confirmed on Official Site- Torres not for sale and bid rejected. Chk it out and update it here.

  2. takeru says:

    Tell Chelsea that fucking club with no history to fuck off!

  3. owen says:

    latest word is he wants to talk to chelski, lookslike the end of the road for liverpool and torres. I hope he rememebrs no-one will love him as much as liverpool fans.

  4. chimpo says:

    if chelsea’s a club with no history, liverpool is a club with no future. The best you can hope for is top half !

    Come to roman, Fernando. He treat you good

  5. takeru says:

    Fuck You chimpo! you bastard! bakayaro!

  6. ninjacarroll says:

    liverpool may have history but thats all they have

  7. Rob says:

    Wasn’t this deal “done and dusted” in the summer, “according to sources close to the player” obviously.

  8. redder says:

    let this bastard, idiot and traitor leave! injuries prone player and i hope he will like michael owen after he join chelsea! fuck you bloody hell torres! we will give you a damn when you back to anfield!

  9. Anonymous says:

    chimpo ur a prick if you want that useless spanish cunt you can have him annd dont try offloading any of thhat ageing shite as part of the deal cash only please

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