Real Madrid Sign Hamit Altintop, Great Excuse To Revisit THAT Volley vs Kazakhstan (Video)

By Chris Wright

This very eve Real Madrid have announced the signing of Hamit Altintop who, you may well remember, scored one of the sweetest volleys on record for Turkey against Kazakhstan in September of last year…

BOOF! As if we needed any half-baked excuse to re-post that little doozy. It just gets better and better with every watch.

For the record, Altintop has joined Madrid on a free after letting his contract with Bayern Munich dwindle down to nada and will be moving to the Bernabeu on a four-year deal.

Altintop will also become only the third player of Turkish heritage to have signed for Madrid, following in the relatively fresh footsteps of Mesut Ozil and Nuri Sahin.

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  1. high as a kuyt says:


  2. Juan says:

    4th* Sami Khedira is of turkish heritage

  3. kct says:

    He must really hate playing first-team football..

  4. max says:

    for the record: khedira is half german half tunisian.

    stupid move by the way: we wont see him play there a lot i predict…

  5. Conor O'Riordan says:


    Sami Khedira is of Tunisian heritage not Turkish

  6. says:

    I’m confused, why have Real bought another central midfielder?

  7. Jay says:

    Still Wasn’t as good as Matty Burrows!

  8. Chris says:

    @Confused: To be honest, considering it’s a freebie, I think Real Madrid may have had one eye on making a tidy little profit further down the line – though in Altintop, they’ve also bagged themselves a bit of (more than capable, fairly versatile) bargain squad-fodder until that day comes.

  9. says:

    It’s not free though is it. I’m sure he had a signing on fee and let’s say his wages are £50,000pw then he’s gonna cost Real £2.6m a year. That ain’t free and he may be versatile but there are still a number of far better players on Real’s books, not to mention their youth players.

    Alonso, Sahin, Ozil, Kadhira, Granero, Gago are all far superior to Altintop.

    All in all a complete waste.

  10. says:

    Maybe they can take Gibson from us as well.

  11. Chris also says:

    Gago is supposedly on the way out and Xabi isn’t getting any younger, especially considering how much he plays. Regardless I do think it stings a bit for all the canteranos to see yet another player leap-frog them to a first team spot. At the same time “In Mou We Trust” seems to be a fairly solid mantra over there so I doubt resentments will actually affect anyone for too long.

  12. Chris also says:

    Also I can’t help but think that Mourinho is trying to keep Ozil and Khedira as happy as possible. Ozil has become the backbone of the team and with the language barrier still an issue…

  13. V says:

    He’s not a central midfielder. More of an all-round side midfielder who can play both sides if necessary, occupying space and as good defending as attacking.

    What’s strange here, I think it is Sahin’s transfer. He and Oezil are so alike, 10’s, lefties…

  14. komutan says:

    oumar ourundil is the commentator.

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