Samuel Eto’o Admits He Fancies A Crack At The Premier League, Top Six Prick Up Their Ears

Chris Wright

17th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

Unsurprisingly, Inter striker Samuel Eto’o’s open admission that, after two years at the Giuseppe Meazza, he now fancies a stab at life in the Premier League has set many-a gossip hound’s tongue a-wagging.

Have a gander at what Eto’o has been telling Il Corriere dello Sport:

“I am currently considering my options. I have one month to decide as to whether I want to stay put or choose to move to the Premier League.

“I am now 30 years old and it is very important for me to think about my future before I sign what could be my last contract.

“I have already shown that I have what it takes to play in Italy and I now have the idea of proving myself in England.”

Oh it must happen, it simply must – though quite where Eto’o will wash up if he decides to do one this summer is another matter.

Surely Arsenal and Spurs must do everything in their power to land him? Though you’d have to assume that Manchester United, Manchester City (especially if Tevez scarpers) and Liverpool, perhaps even Chelsea (just because they could) wouldn’t exactly be willing to sit around and let them go about their business in peace.

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  1. nickooo says:

    Top player.
    Be good for arsenal or tottenham. I dont think any of the top 3clubs would want him.

  2. wiggs says:

    I don’t think he’d fit in at Tottenham, but he’d do well at Spurs.

  3. owen says:

    his wages would be sky high so I hope Liverpool don’t want him, go for a younger prospect hopefully. Good choice for spurs or the gunners though.

  4. MaxMad says:

    @wiggs: What? You’re talking about the same club.

    Hoping for the gunners to land him, should he be leaving Italy this next window.

  5. TRUEdoo says:

    lol @wiggs

  6. Alex says:


    he probably wouldn’t fit in well at Chelsea, but at Stamford Bridge… oh yeah!

  7. wiggs says:


    One thing’s for sure, he won’t be able to play for both Rushden AND Diamonds.

  8. hollis says:

    @wiggs, I agree. North London must be a pretty terrible place to live if you’re used to Milan or Barcelona.

    But somehow I don’t think that’s what you meant.

  9. confuscious says:

    @nikoo I think any club anywhere would want him.

  10. Nuno says:

    A 30 year old striker, who would cost quite a few millions… AND his wages are somewhere around 9 Million/season. Arsenal? Are you sure? Oh, and he’s not french…
    I believe he may very well go to Manchester City, given the unlimited funds they’re allowed to play with (and wouldn’t bet against a swap with Tevez).

  11. machine gooner funk says:

    @nuno: arsenal will never sign him. add up his age, his wages, and his mercurial personality and arsene whill go running screaming the other way (personally id love it if was signed him especially bc as much as i love rvp hes always good for 2-3 months out with some injury *knocking on wood, hopefully thats all behind him*.on other reason arsenal wont sign him is that last week alex song got sent home by the cameroon national team during preperation for the acn this year. his reason for being sent home: he and eto’o got in a fistfight

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