Shakira Releases Brazil 2014 World Cup Song ‘La La La’ As Gibberish Follow-Up To ‘Waka Waka’ (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, March 2014


By Chris Wright


Today, it’s been announced that Shakira, for the second tournament running, is releasing an official song for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil this summer.

Unless Shakira is just releasing this off her own back there must presumably be two official songs being cobbled together for Brazil 2014, as FIFA have already confirmed that Pitbull (feat. Jennifer Lopez) has been tasked with churning out another of his vapid, worthless nonsenses to accompany the tournament.

Gawd knows.

Anyway, following on from the runaway success of Shakira’s Fozzie Bear-inspired 2010 anthem for South Africa, “Waka Waka“, comes “La La La”. Two songs, three consonants, one vowel.

The song is apparently a direct copy+paste job of a song which appears on Mrs Pique’s eponymous new album called “Dare”, but with the lyrics subtly changed to include some astoundingly corny football references.


“Hear the whistle, kick the ball…”?

Giddy Aunt Amelia.