World Cup Video: Mesut Ozil Dresses Up As An Old Man For Nike Ad

By Chris Wright

My rudimentary (i.e. non-existent) grasp of German has once again proved to be my downfall, as I’m afraid I cannot make head-nor-tail of this video.

I think ‘fußball’ loosely translates as ‘football’, but after that I’m stuck.

If any, more scholarly (or indeed German) readers out there have got a clue what’s happening here, I’d love to know!

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  1. Ollie says:

    Fagin ahoy!

  2. Burgz says:

    simply him later in life reflecting on his career. This is him now in 2010 and then where he is in 40 years time 2050. An old, retired but wealthy ex footballer

  3. dennis says:

    A view into a possible future for Mesut.

    That’s me: Mesut.
    And this is the future.
    I’m still busy.
    That’s Sabine, the good soul of the house.
    I have known her ever since I lived here.
    The people say:
    “Mesut, you’re our hero”.
    “Your feet have brought our succes”.
    Every day TV-interviews.
    Always smiling.
    Also nice, the other Sabine.
    Still look pretty good, don’t I?
    Everything worked out quite nice in my life.
    A lot of training pays out.
    And a bit of talent didn’t hurt either.
    Got in the charts.
    Won a lot of titles.
    Won more than I lost.
    Football is my best friend.
    Ended up quite nicely.
    And all of that just because I love to play football.
    Hmm, the future is bio.
    But still I prefer a burger.
    Once a week we look at my football highlights.
    Let the youth try to copy that!
    These boys don’t stand a chance against me.
    Nothing beats the frivolousness of youth.
    Just like me earlier.
    And that’s Helmut
    He’s been here as long as I can remember.
    We’re both in our best years.
    That’s what Helmut always says.
    And right he is.
    Today it’s all champagne-football.
    Doesn’t matter, a ball is a ball.
    I wouldn’t do anything different.
    Oh la la, more football fans.
    Good day, ladies.
    Young enough to be my daughter.
    Being an ex-footballer isn’t that bad.
    Or? What do you think?

  4. max says:

    very impressive dennis. both translation and commitment

  5. dennis says:

    Thanks Max!
    A good chance to brush up on my German!

  6. Manjo says:

    Cheers Dennis

  7. Blah says:

    There goes his career

  8. tommy says:

    anyone know the model of nike air max he’s wearing on the elliptical training machine thing?!

  9. mukhtar says:

    2014 germany will be able

  10. Ramiz says:

    i think ozil have a capisty to win a worid cup for Germany

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