Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In New ‘Anti-Egomania’ Commercial (Video)

By Chris Wright

In which preening narcissus Cristiano Ronaldo inadvertently becomes the new face of a (spoof) anti-egomania advert campaign…

Tres drole – though it’s actually fairly worrying that the strange sequence of ads that have been spliced together to make up this sketch (‘fellatio’ scene included!) are, in fact, 100% gen-u-wine.

Video: TalkSPORT.

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  1. Jimbo says:

    pretty good!

  2. Sex God says:

    *très drôle

  3. Sex God says:

    C. Ron.

    a truly undisputed future Sex God.

  4. The Yank says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ronnie did something like this for real as a joke. He actually has a personality, unlike a certain Argentine.

  5. wolfusa says:

    i didn’t know we were judging personalities on a site devoted to football. if that’s the case, there are thousands of people that are better than messi (at having personalities). funny though, at present, there doesn’t seem to be a single one who is better at playing football. i can see ronaldo in the near distance, but no, there’s no one ahead of the little argentine.

    sex god, excellent work with the diacritical marks.

  6. VA Red says:

    @ The Yank Oh and I suppose you happen to know both of them very well…idiot.

  7. Veej says:

    Hahaha! Seen this a while ago and its still cracks me up!!

  8. db says:

    @va red
    well this site acts like they know both of them well everyday

    after all, messi’s just a boy out there having fun, God’s gift to the game, when he waves a mock yellow at the referee or kicks the ball at fans, he does so because he is right, and they are wrong

    ronaldo is evil and should be treated as such, everything he does he does for himself, if goals scored on his own net counted for his tally, he would score there

  9. mtm says:

    this is crap. a lot of footballers have huge ego and i suppose if creators of this ad would been in position of ronaldo (came from pure backround with father drinking and everybody aroung drinking, trhen achieve that ronaldo achieved)they also propably would be egomaniacs. besides its quite fit to ronaldo he’s definetely boring wich is good thing. so this ad is pure hypocrisy based on jelousy in my opinion, sorry

  10. mtm says:

    not boring i mean, fucking missed word:)

  11. Nuno says:

    Never seen this ad, but it does serve a laugh.
    Obviously, the subtitles have nothing to do with what he actually says, and I believe there’s something he says that actually resumes CR’s personality:
    “If you think you’re perfect, then you’ll never be”
    Yes, he’s one of the most arrogant footballers (at least when on the field) but he got to where he is now through work. Absolutely noone can say he doesn’t work hard to be better.
    Messi on the other hand seems to have the gift to do all that almost effortless (and yes, I’m portuguese and think Messi is the best player in the world – still I hope Barça loses the final, preferably with a broken jaw on Alves, Valdés and master cunt Busquets…)

  12. dave says:

    hahahaha love that he has a massive ego. i can relate.

  13. The Yank says:

    @VA Red

    I suppose you know me so well then.

    Just an FYI, you’re going to need ointment for that burn.

  14. V says:

    É isso, Nuno.

  15. Calski says:

    @Yank That was an awful come back.

  16. Tom says:

    Why do people who can’t properly communicate in English enter into arguments on English speaking websites? You don’t articulate your point so no-one knows what you are really trying to say and you just come across as a little dim. I mean even if there was an article on a French website that knocked bobby Zamora or fulham or something else in football I have a personal bias towards I wouldn’t dream of trying to have a go in French as everyone would just assume I were an idiot for stumbling though a grammatically incorrect sentance. Not to justify the pathetic spell check police that exist in equal numbers on comment pages, just communicate in a way that can be understood, that’s all.
    I am aware of the irony of this comment. If you are one of the people I am aiming this at then you won’t understand, but that’s your fault not mine.

    Yank and Sex God – do you have some sort of autorefresh thing going on with pies?!? You always comment, and it’s never worthwhile. I feel a ‘follow me on twitter y’all’ esque ban coming your way soon Sex God…

  17. nicko says:

    Haha not bad.

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