Finally! Ian Wright Lands Cameo In ‘Digital Music Terrorism/Neo-Nazism’ Indie Movie (Trailer)

Chris Wright

15th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

How long has the world been waiting for this? Former Arsenal goal-getter man and current professional gobshite Ian Wright has landed a cameo role alongside jazz munchkin Jamie Cullum (yep) in upcoming indie flick ‘Gun of the Black Sun’.

The film is described as a ‘fun fantasy adventure that centres on a ruthless megalomaniac’s ambition to use crime, violence, a Third Reich luger, neo-Nazism plus the abuse of music and digital technology to resurrect and rule an Aryan race’.

It’s a lot to take in we know. Thankfully, there is an accompanying trailer…

In the name of sweet Mother Mary, how much do you not want to go and sit through that shit-fest?

[Via F365]