Is Pepe The Most Despicable, Detestable Player In World Football?

Chris Wright

19th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

I’m usually fairly passive when it comes to getting riled up over football, but I routinely make an exception for Real Madrid’s ankle-buster in chief, Pepe.

Dear sweet Jesus-on-a-stick how I hate this disgusting, conniving, cowardly, nefarious, maliciously-unhinged c**t with the burning passion of a thousand suns – the most recent case in point being his Achilles-shredding, head-kicking assault on Levante’s Xavi Torres during Madrid’s shock 1-0 defeat over the weekend…

Exhibit B…

Exhibit C…

…and frankly, I could go on and on and on. I mean, would you just look at the man?

There’s no way there’s room in that tiny, foetal, unformed alien cranium for a fully-functioning human brain. It’s an anatomical impossibility. For his crimes against the spirit of the game he should be sectioned, taken out back and Old Yella’ed at the soonest available juncture.

I put it to you, is there a more despicable arsehole in world football? Personally, I’m drawing a blank.

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  1. tom says:

    that last video is disgusting. what the hell is wrong with that guy?!

  2. gamblino says:

    The people on the bench in the last video look genuinely terrified of him! As you would. who’s the opposition?

  3. Totally agree.

    But I could also add Bruno Alves…

    They both went to the same school, so…

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have clearly forgotten about the man, the myth, the ‘Matrix’:

    Marco Materazzi

    I miss him so…

  5. Mop says:

    He’s also a diver so it seems.

    Sorry, not sure if I can post links here.

  6. Fredmeister says:

    Clearly Forgot the man, the myth, the ‘Matrix’, Marco Materazzi

    Conqueror of Zidane batshit crazy. Absolutely ADORED kicking Schevchenko.

  7. Fredmeister says:

    *and* batshit crazy

  8. PumaYaYa says:

    De Jong maybe?

  9. big mean bunny says:

    If the bloke doesn’t want kicked then he shouldn’t dive should he!

    Pepe has a head like those small mexican dogs!

  10. Papi says:

    Two words: Sergio Busquets

  11. Rob says:

    Is Pepe The Most Despicable, Detestable Player In World Football?

  12. chimpo says:

    wow ive never seen those vids before…. he is a massive massive bunt

  13. anon says:

    kevin muscat?

  14. A.C says:

    Pepe, Marcelo and Khedira, the Ninjas of Real Madrid..

    while Pepe is just nuts, Wikipedia says Khedira has ‘flawless aerial ability’ … i read that as Wushu!.

  15. Boris says:

    He makes Materazzi look like an angel

  16. Chris says:

    Whereas Busquets is unarguably a little bitch, but he squeaks by on the grace afforded by actually being a vastly underrated ‘retentive’ midfielder – he’s deceptively well-honed and skillful in possession.

    Materazzi’s just a clown with a penchant for hurting people every now and then, though Muscat’s definitely up there with Pepe in terms of wild, visceral madness…

  17. Nick Wiper says:

    kevin muscats a prick, for all pepe’s a cunt at least he can play unlike muscat

  18. Bob says:

    If we’re talking about “crimes against the spirit of the game” (which are not necessarily fouls), I would throw in Pippo Inzhagi. Oh good Lord, do I hate him.

  19. Joe says:

    To be fair, the guy in the last video does pull a pretty ridiculous dive and deserves at least a yellow. I’d be pretty pissed off as a defender if I ‘cost’ my team the match by conceding a penalty because of such a bad dive. Doesn’t excuse that kicking (and indeed Chihuahua-face can pull the odd ballerina too), but still..

  20. Willie says:

    Yes… Ah, Sergio Buskirts bashing… I shall join in. The little girl is the worst flopping bitch on Earth. Dude has grass stains on his earlobes and mud underneath his tongue…

  21. Sebastian says:

    I detest pepe he is a total dickhead but he is certainly not the only player worthy of such contempt dimaria seems like a conniving rat to me as does busquets barton is a bellend who shud be in jail same for matterazzi and to top the list is perhaps the most morally bankrupt player of all none other than England skipper JT

  22. Charlie Adam says:

    Well said Chris, he’s a shambles and it’s gut-wrenching that he’s allowed to play. I think it’s got like this because of Mourinho; players like Ramos, Marcelo and Carvalho practice similar thuggery, even if Pepe’s the worst.

  23. Fredmeister says:


    Materazzi is so much more than a clown. He is a thing of beauty

    A truly great man.

  24. Thomas says:

    El-Hadji Diouf?!?!?!?!

  25. Fredmeister says:

    And if we really want to discuss serious nutjobs, I point you in the direction of Claudio Gentile. Just look at the job he does on maradona. Climbs inside him and wears his face like a mask.

    Alan Curbishley would have something to say about that.

  26. Louis says:

    Pepe at least doesn’t try and fein culture and intelligence like Joey Barton. At least Pepe doesn’t assault his OWN team ‘mates’?

  27. Solihull United says:

    muscats a prick, pepe is an a terrible rotten little cunt

  28. IUAjsnbd says:

    The only reason he did that is because the ref whistled for a foul and Mr. Xavi Torres decided to take the ball with him to waste time.

  29. jesus says:

    ummm dani alves? might not be as agressive but he’s the one who raped the spirit of the beautiful game in a much more significant way by taking diving, cheating, acting and harrasing the ref’s to whole different level. pepe, marcelo and sergio ramos try to kill opposition players sure, but dani alves is a bad role model and should be banned from ever playing again, or living for that matter

  30. jag says:

    I second Bruno Alves. Pepe learned everything from him.

  31. Chris says:

    Luis Suarez

  32. Stu says:

    I’ll add Chris Morgan (Sheff Utd). Dirty player.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Gatuso is another

  34. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    The real criminals here are the officials who ignore repeated offenses from these clowns, be it Materazzi, Pepe, Muscats, Barton etc. They give a very clear two part message to the offenders and victims alike:

    1)Go ahead and kick the shite out of your opponent, we’ll pretend we didn’t see it and
    2)We won’t do our job to protect players as we’re (too scared,too lazy, too busy, too intimidated or too cautious…add the one(s) you like)and so you’ll have to take the Law into your own hands.

    A few tough decisions against these clowns, players expelled or suspended for long terms and teams warned about promoting this type of play (Mourinho is guilty as sin here) would do wonders.

  35. sloth says:

    Materazzi, Esteban Cambiasso, Thiago Motta.

    I can’t believe nobody said “Super” Mario Balotelli or “Good looking” Cristiano Ronaldo. They aren’t thugs but their arrogance and petulance drives me crazy…

    Common theme among these 5 players is they’ve all played for Jose Mourinho. He’s the most vile, despicable, detestable coach in the world.

  36. Nick says:

    Worst ever? Alex Villaplane –

    From French captain, to executed traitor in a matter of years. I first read his story in the excellent Blizzard magazine, but it’s an incredible forgotten history.

    Right now, Pepe’s up there, so’s Ramos. Mourinho has them hyped up to the point of violence so often that they just snap.
    And from the world of women’s football it’s worth bringing up this classic again

  37. Gavin The Great says:

    Jeeps! Can I call him an utter cunt on here?

  38. Varun says:

    Pepe is still in football after that Getafe match, and people complain about Barca diving.

    Do you see those Getafe players scared shitless,
    I’d be rolling on the ground as well to get this guy sent off if I was playing against him, esp. when he is in the mood like against Barca.

  39. Anon says:

    Lee Hughes has actually killed someone.

    Killed them dead. Didn’t give ‘a paki’ a kicking like Woodgate/Bowyer, didn’t do drugs. Killed them. Dead. Ended their life, killed them.

    He still plays football.

  40. Miguel - NYC says:

    Pepe is insane. I always say he deserves 5 yellow cards every game…and if you see him play, you will see i am not talking non-sense.
    Sergio Ramos is another player who makes the occasional tackle to the knee and walks away as if was the one that got hurt. However, not as bad as Pepe. Pepe is in a league of his own. Ramos is in the Ashley Cole league.
    I hope that those bashing Busquets are not Man U or Arsenal fans. If you are, then look at the last 2 CL finals (man u) and the CL last 2 quaterfinals (arsenal) and realize he schooled your midfielders. See his work rate, his positioning, his control. Sure, he has made the mistake of going down too easy and acting…however, he has done so way less than Gerrard, Nani, Cristiano, Di Maria, Gilardino, etc, etc.
    England (and any other national team) can benefit from someone who actually knows what to do with the ball…take it from Menotti (a world cup winning coach)

  41. ajibola says:

    I dont see Pepe as a dirty player but i see him as a no nonsense player, we have good players like Messi and co, so also we need rugged defenders to stop them. Maradonna left Spain for Italy because of a rugged defender called butcher of Bilbao because he feels he’s going to ruin his carrier, again no team will put a sloppy defender in the team. Can you count how many times Ronaldo has been fouled, when he complain he’s given a yellow card. If you have played football before do you know how embarrased you ‘ll be when you are dribbled and score, your team mate will even make jest of you. so we need players like that.

  42. p says:

    Mascherano, Busquets, Alves, Pedro are all as bad when it comes to shitting on the spirit of sportsmanship. Only no one cares when they dive or stomp, and the fuckers get glorified like examples of great sportsmen. No one ever accused Pepe of upholding the ideal style of football, but these cunts get that honour every week.

  43. p says:

    Not to mention the Barca of England, ManU have a few real pieces of work which are nothing but fellated in the media. And the refs couldn’t be more kind to them, yellow carding players for being on the receiving end of studs up karate kicks to the chest.

  44. NoNeckXI says:

    Its because he has a small pepe.

  45. Jeff (Get off my tits) says:

    …and this Peepee guy is still playing?

  46. LFP says:

    How anyone can defend this ‘player’ is beyond me. What an animal. It’s about time the authorities done something about it and made an example of him. This is not football.

  47. Caleb says:

    Dani Alves/Busquets.

  48. Futbol Fan says:

    That phyco should be banned from first and second division play for at least 5 years. That should give him some time to cool off. Neanderthals like him haven’t evolved enough to play a time honored sport such is futbol. He shouldn’t be allowed on the pitch, neither he nor his keeper the Portuguese neanderthal that calls himself a coach.

  49. Gav says:

    Steven Gerrard, 100% shithouse

  50. Dan says:

    actually Louis, he does! he got in a fight with javier balboa 4 years ago in training!

  51. dc says:

    yes. “pepe should never be allowed to play football, ever again” – me 3 years ago. same goes for today.

  52. Aus says:

    Kevin Muscat. and others. He blew out dugarry’s knee in a friendly a while back.

  53. Ron says:

    Holy fuck, exhibit C could be exhibit A, B, C, D, E…Z. What a lunatic!

    Never seen that footage. What an arsehole.

  54. Ron says:

    And it is pretty crazy he’s made it to such a high level. Seems like another player would have just taken the fucker out by now. Or a coach would have pulled him aside and told him to cut that shit out or hit the road.

    It’s a real shame this guy plays for one of the best clubs in the world.

  55. me says:

    referees allowed those actions by not refeering a fait match …ronaldo gets foule like crazy and they barely call those fouls… messi the wind knocks him down and is a foul or a penalty if its close to the area.. even a dive is a penalty for messi

  56. MessiBalls says:

    Pepe is the most ugliest man in world football. A dirty cheating dog who never came up against the like of Roy Keane who as we know didn’i like ‘bullying’.

    try doing that to Carragher/Keane/Vidic etc…………..

    Pepe is a portuguese puff. a Cheat and a scum bag

  57. MR. T says:


  58. Mike says:

    I think that post-game video replay of violent conduct, with appropriate punishments given out after a league’s review, could help to reduce the amount of crap that goes on. That could include diving, as well. Sure, doesn’t help in the match so much where it happened, and the crap may affect that game’s outcome, but the players may think twice about committing serious fouls, knowing it could affect them for subsequent matches. I don’t want video replay during matches – it would wreck the flow of the game – but post-game review would be a good use of technology.

  59. steve persamanos says:

    This fucker should never play any where again. He should give every bit of money back to the club they gave him to play plus interest. Also every player he viciously fouled should get one free shot to his head while he’s on the ground with their aluminium studs on!!

  60. Andy says:

    No, that would be De Jong. Muscat a close second

  61. Montesquieu says:

    Shades of van Bommel.

  62. Red_Devil says:

    I won’t go against your opinion about how horrible Pepe is, but that tackle on Messi is ehh. It clearly wasn’t a hack, he just was late to the ball, unlike his other horrifying tackles.

  63. FCPorto says:

    Pepe is a wonderful defender, would put most Premier League tough guys to shame, and these vids prove how valuable he is to Madrid, you forgot to include the tackle on Dani Alves in the SuperCup back in August, brilliant stuff really, and if you dont like it, go and find him in a pub, and tell him what you think lol

  64. MrMac says:

    While i think both Busquets & Pepe play dirty football, in the spirit of playing football, ain’t

    De Jong?

    Van Bommel?

    MUCH MUCH Worse?

    There’s atleast some level of commitment passion to the team pepe/busquets shows, but when de jong & van bommel get going it’s just pure evil malicious revenge/intent.

    I think those deserve they’re own league.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Shawcross…….fucking hate that guy.

  66. Temjin says:

    Fernando Couto, Jorge Costa, Bruno Alves, Rolando, Pepe etc. One thing in common, they were all part of the FC Porto school of “kick 1st ask later” central defenders.

  67. ollyarsenal says:

    pepe and football should not be mentioned in the same sentence,
    maybe pepe in the ufc would be better,he would be killed!!
    a disgrace like his manager is to the beautiful side of football..

  68. ousainou barrow says:

    pepe is a cracy somebody like his coach mou.these guys are the real enemies of football in terms of attitutes.(they just can’t accept defeat).

  69. nicko says:

    Good player. So what if he’s dirty.

  70. CFC_Jay says:

    two players spring to mind, Chris Morgan and El-Hadji Diouf…………repulsive specimens from the human race!!!

  71. BigAl says:

    How on earth can you all forget the beast that is Graeme Le Saux!!??

    He beats up his own players. HIS OWN PLAYERS!!! Everything Joey Barton learnt came from this man. He’s MENTAL.

    …and he twatted Robbie Fowler, but I won’t hold that against him.

  72. aspers says:

    i would love him to do that to dani alves

  73. Mr. Angry says:

    what a fucking prick!

  74. Me Buddy says:

    This article is a load of shite! clearly a wee bitchy barca fan, soccers a physical sport, man up! Yes pepe has committed some bad tackles but so has every defender. His angry just shows his passion! Totti has done far worst challenges in his career? This article should about El hadji Diouf he’s the definition of the word tramp… and to the writer whos insulting Pepe… he’s made more in life than you ever will :)

  75. Jo says:

    People defending this Pepe savage wild cunt is what makes this world a sad place. “soccers a physical sport”? Are you serious? First, it’s not rugby or boxing, and second even there, crazy fucking mad raids like Pepe’s are not allowed! Oh and ffs, using the argument “he and he do the same” to justify it, does not all of the sudden make it ok. Pepe should have been banned from football years ago. Crazy fucks.

  76. Anonymous says:

    jag hoppas att Pepe gör så till dig

  77. Me Buddy says:

    Jo if it was up to you soccer would be less contact than basketball, dont be such a bitch! And I wasn’t trying to justify it, I was simply stating that they’re players who have committed worst challenges meaning that Pepe isn’t “The Most Despicable, Detestable Player In World Football”.. thats just a barca fanboy yappin!

  78. Terry Sheddingham says:

    “This article is a load of shite! clearly a wee bitchy barca fan”

    Nottingham Forest, fuckwit.

    “soccers a physical sport, man up! Yes pepe has committed some bad tackles but so has every defender. His angry just shows his passion! Totti has done far worst challenges in his career? This article should about El hadji Diouf he’s the definition of the word tramp…”

    Even if you’re a Real Madrid fan, you should be able to see what’s wrong with defending a borderline psychopath.

    “and to the writer whos insulting Pepe… he’s made more in life than you ever will :)”

    This old line immediately defines you as a sycophant. By that twisted logic, only the richest people in the world have the right to criticise other people.

    I could go on, but you’ve already embarrassed yourself enough by posting in the first place.

  79. hgo says:

    the most disgusting player in world football is busquets and gerrard

  80. hgo says:

    and chris wright – get a life idiot,your lovely diving barca will be anihilated this year, then refs will no longer will be on hand

  81. Brasil says:




  82. 2 words: Karl Henry

    The alternative would be to mention Roy Keane, but then I’d have to hide in a nuclear bunker for the rest of his life to avoid him hunting me down. Even then his ghost could come and haunt me and kick my arse.

  83. james says:

    to me i see that guy pepe as a sadist or better a terrorist because he truely terrorises his oponent in the field of play. i think it’s high time he recieve his reward for crushing peoples bone and making football look dirty.

  84. mat says:

    Cry about him all you want. He’s playing against barcelona. you’re playing barcelona on fifa

  85. beltran says:

    i think pepe should be banned from all football related activities before he kills in the pitch!!!!!!!!!

  86. Skye says:

    They say the uglier you are, the more cursed your soul is. Pepe embodies the devil incarnate. Like Mourinho who looks like Lucifer himself thrives in a team that allows thuggery, lies, and deception. That’s Real Madrid, the Evil Empire for you that is in the reins of a mad man by the name of Florentino Perez.

  87. Elio says:

    Yes, Pepe is officially the most despicable, detestable player in world football.

  88. Francois-M says:

    Sergio Busquets, Dani Alves, Pedro – all a 1000 times worse.. At least Pepe is kinda funny he s so crazy.. The others mentioned above are just pure scumbags.. And worst thing is they get sucked all day by the media.. Honorable mention for Pinto the keeper but poor man is so insignificant that I ll leave him out of the podium..

  89. Syed says:

    Why do people keep mentioning Gerrard?!he’s notnothing that is as bad as this lunatic????!j

  90. Nick says:

    Ho has “O Animal” Edmundo not been mentioned yet?

  91. asdf says:

    For me, NEYMAR, is a very bad intentioned player.
    He is a skinny, small, dirty player.
    He lacks ethics and good spirit!

    For example against Peñarol in the Copa Libertadores finals he injured a player, with kick that searched for the players leg. When the player came to try get the ball out of him, he positioned his foot pointing up, so the lower part of his boots smashed on the other players leg! that player, was injured.

    You want another example:
    check attached link!
    a player in the floor, facing another side, he was kicking him in the floor as a freaking coward and full with bad intentions.

    what do you think about someone who can do this??

  92. MJaradat says:

    He is easily the dirtiest player that I have ever seen. He always surprises me by how he gets away with some of his stupid tackles. I think it is the league’s fault by not punishing him enough.

  93. Tom Jones says:

    Grant Holt is worse. The diving cheat.

  94. Robert says:

    This artcile is a joke. Really, if you had wanted to prove your right, well.. it didn’t go too well. Pepe is a little bit ‘headless’ in some moments in the game, but for god sake – he is, for sure – I’m so fuckin sure of that, not the worst and the most aggresive player in the world. All the thing is about his character and his mentality – he should work it out and develop this aspect of his game and his personality. He lets his reactions to control him too much.

  95. Chris says:

    Pepe is terrible every weekend. and even worse against Barca.

    Busquet may be guilty of diving a few times, but cannot be compared to pepe.

    i hate pepe the most as well.

  96. vince says:

    How about that stomp on Messi’s hand in the Copa Del Rey 1/18/2012? Disgusting, shameful, blatent, low down and dirty.

  97. Anthony says:

    I am a real madrid fan but this guy is just a disgrace he has quality of a football player

  98. […] contributors have only marginal respect for the aforementioned player (because he is, after all, a hack), we tend not to want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and will opt for the former: Pepe is as […]

  99. AM says:

    Add to this the World Cup game against Germany today… headbutting Muller and getting another red card.

  100. […] didn’t take long for Pepe to live up to — and down to — his combustible reputation at the 2014 World Cup. The Portugal defender was shown a red card and sent off in his first half of […]

  101. LolitaBudkiss says:

    Such an Idiot. Pepe is an Associal Idiot. The Life is a Fucking Game, with some Buggs, like Pepe.exe

  102. referee101 says:

    Pepe should be banned from football for lifetime! He is such a disgrace to the sportsmanship.

  103. Tom says:

    Now I know Pepe is not the only one that fouls but seriously there must be something mentally wrong with Pepe, like they’re not average fouls u always see on football, it’s like as if he’s trying to brake his victims bones literally. He doesn’t play football at all! And mentioning busquets and Morgan and a few others and compare them to Pepe, he makes them look like cute little innocent kittens.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Neymar. Neymar is the worst.

  105. chithong says:

    the call pepe dirty player but shouldn’t be compare with L. Suarce and Nehmar of Barca, we real Madrid fans do like pepe as a great player

  106. Lorenzo says:

    PN, I m glad you loved it! Unfortunately, it s the world we live in. Although, a lot of people get enjoyment out of football, so maybe their respect is earned, or at least something to expect. Rooney is certainly a simpleton, but I think that generates a certain amount of pity too. He does need a handler though!