New York Post Hails USA 1-1 ‘Win’

Ollie Irish

14th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

The hordes of internet mongs who populate most web forums read this headline as a massive typo, when of course it’s a purposeful and witty appreciation of a result that is somewhat better for the States than England. Good work, NY Post eds.

Message to the aforementioned hordes of internet mongs (you don’t know who you are): drop by dictionary corner and check out the definition of irony. You might also want to get your empty, hate-filled heads around the concept of a moral victory. Thanks.

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  1. Chris says:

    That’s a terrible misuse of the word ironic. And the phrase “moral victory”, for that matter (unless you actually believe that the English side has committed immoral acts against your nation at some point.

    Celebrating a draw like it’s a win is the ultimate symptom of “small club syndrome”. To you, it’s the be all and end all. To England, it’s a slight bump along a much longer and more important road.

    Terrible post all-round, really.

  2. Delboy Dublin says:

    Before you all start the usual Anti-Septic “they don’t understand the game” blah blah blah rubbish, check this link out…

    A surprisingly effective use of irony from the worst paper in the USA

  3. Grant says:

    @the Limeys that might not be aware of it, this is also kind of a reference to the famous (over here, at least) newspaper headline proclaiming that “HARVARD BEATS YALE 29-29,” in a college football game in 1968, which they made a documentary about.

    Unfortunately, though, the soccer-haters over here have seized upon the nature of the U.S.’s goal as a way to throw a wet blanket on the whole thing, but I think given the start of the game, it really is an accomplishment that we didn’t give up another 1 or 2 goals within the next half hour, let alone the rest of the game. Huge, huge point for the U.S., especially if we’re able to do the business on Friday and beat Slovenia.

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  5. Pj says:

    HaHaHa stupid Americans

  6. Mike says:

    1-1! to the USA 1-1 to the USA

  7. Thomas says:

    As an American, I think I’m allowed to cry the hardest for the current capacity of soccer education in the US.

  8. Brian says:

    Its funny, all you English people are bitter

  9. kritter says:


    It’s because these kissass Euro-snobs like Thomas pander to them.

  10. Matmabe says:

    Why get so personal and petty about this? We’re all friends here! Show some respect, both sides.

    I’m English and a patriotic fan of my country’s team. I saw the headline and laughed, but understood instantly that there must be a wider context – it made me want to read the story to find out. Come on Engalnd fans, do you really think a national paper would misunderstand the rules of a sport so badly that it would print a typo of that magnitude?

    I’d like to think I speak for intelligent England fans when I say – We DO NOT think Americans are ill-educated or stupid (as posted above) when it comes to football or anythign else for that matter, and we do not have some weird inferiority complex about the USA that we have to believe you are ignorant and we are somehow more grounded. It’s not true of the vast majority.

    England fans – I’d be very concerned about the future of the sport – The US are a great team now, imagine what they’ll be like if the country takes a genuine interest in the sport? The US teams are the ultimate competitors in any sport, if they decide to put resource into football, they will ultimately be leagues ahead of us… Just check every other Sport the US competes in and start worrying about our precious reputation and tradition.

    And while you’re at it read the link: to understand what it’s about and stop posting xenophobic insults on forums, it’s makes the English seem arrogant, conceited and superior. Show our cousins some respect, we’re not so far apart you know.

    Best of Luck USA, England are a better side at the moment – hope to meet you in the final!

  11. Thomas says:


    Exactly. It’s all my fault for the headline. carry on.

    Why are you so butthurt over that? The last time I check, this place is one of the better places that the lighter side of these types of subject are accepted. If you can’t take a little satire, that’s your problem. I just think it’s sad that I’ve spend over 20 years playing a sport that the general public(not saying all) in the US doesn’t respect or understand. It’s more because it’s not understood and not part of the traditional baseball, football, basketball focus. I think the only way for the US to be respected as a national power is to take the competition and the talent of the US seriously….which means, not mocking the sport like the headline seemed to do. Are things getting clearer?

  12. exile says:

    “To England, it’s a slight bump along a much longer and more important road.”
    Much longer? Like what, the quarter-finals?

  13. kaya says:

    Wow, that headline is a page right out of the british humo(u)r book. I certainly hope you all understood that. Good god, how sad this world is becoming that this headline needs explanation. Its prior use (I’d never heard of the Harvard/Yale headline) is incidental and unneccessary to be aware of. All that is required is the brain of a 10 year old or older.
    I’ve spent quite a while not caring for Bob Bradley, but I thought he quite outcoached your Capello. The only gamble of which I’m not certain was the right choice is Oneyewu. Pretty much all the breaking chances England had could be directly attributed to his lack of form.
    Ironically, the US looked much more dangerous on crosses and set pieces than England did.
    Anyhoo, hopefully Barry’s return will provide the boost you need…

  14. David says:

    American retards. As if the headline wasn’t retarded enough, the sub header says ‘the greatest tie against the British’. The team is not Britain. It is England. American retards. Congrats on your 2-2 win against Slovenia hahaha

  15. rafa says:

    Yes, David, this is true. Americans are retards but they should have won today 3-2. They will get a thrashing if they go through though.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    U MAD?

  18. Anonymous says:

    U MAD?

  19. J says:

    2 – 2

  20. Pete says:

    Whilst not being a particular football (soccer) fan I occasionally wander down to the pub to join in the support of our national team. The USA-England match was not a great match and both teams played equally well/equally badly depending on your perception.

    With regard to the headline that seems to have got things buzzing, it’s fair to assume the English have no knowledge of the varsity match between Yale and Harvard therefore can’t understand the significance of the remark. Likewise the sub heading about Bunker Hill, all the history books give the victory to the British even though they paid a high price in casualties.

    I always though newspapers were there to report the news but if you’re going to digress and refer to history, please at least try to get the facts right.

    My only personal regret regarding the game was that I never got to watch it with my best friend up in Michigan.

  21. sam says:

    Thats very very stupid, no matter how you look at it

  22. andi says:

    At least the best team won. Anyway, since when has Britain had an international football team. I bet that´s news to Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England ;-)

  23. P.J. says:

    Ummm, it doesn’t say USA wins moral victory, it say USA wins 1-1, which they didn’t, they drew.

    Sure, it’s a result they didn’t expect to get but for that fact New Zealand can say they won against Italy, it was 1-1 after all.

    It’s a stupid headline written by a moron, which is incorrect, end of…..

  24. Anonymous says:

    since when was england called britain :s
    ive never heard of the britain football team?

  25. Boostem says:

    What I find hilarious, having lived in New York myself, is that I know for a fact that Americans are only American when it suits them. Now that USA are knocked out of the tournament, they will undoubtedly ALL be jumping on the bandwagon of their ancestors’ nations…”well, my great grandfather was Spanish, so of course I’m supporting Spain” and “My grandmother was half Dutch, so obviously I’m supporting Holland”… jog on retards!!

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