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Unfortunate Snapshot: Ronaldo Getting ‘Hungary’ Halfway Through 2014 World Cup Draw

By Chris Wright

God bless him – but this snap of Ronaldo, taken at the recent 2014 World Cup preliminary draw in Rio, can only really be described as ‘unfortunate’ for obvious reasons…

Fnarf fnarf.

Image: Getty

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By Chris on August 1st, 2011 in Funnies, World Cup. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

14 Responses to “Unfortunate Snapshot: Ronaldo Getting ‘Hungary’ Halfway Through 2014 World Cup Draw”

  1. Veej says:

    LOL!!! You just could write that! Imagine If he had another go and got “Turkey”! ^__^

  2. :) says:

    haha he looks like he wants to eat it too!:D i love ronaldo. he was fat yet still lightning quick (people forget!). should have come to the a-league :)

  3. Socrates' Beard says:

    Pies: “Hey everyone! Ronaldo is a fatty and Hungary is almost the same as word as ‘hungry’! LolOLoLOl”

    People with at least a decent sense of humor: /facepalm

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  5. Brad says:

    Socrates’ Beard: wind your neck in you tart!

  6. Dave says:

    @Socrates’ Beard

    You can’t deny the hilarity.


    A-league sucks

  7. Socrates' Beard says:


    Yes I can and I did. Showing a picture of Ronaldo holding up a card with the name of a nation on it and trying to make a fat joke is a piss poor attempt at comedy. If anyone thinks its funny, that’s cool. Just know you have difficulty discerning the funny from the stupid, a trait many have picked up lately.

  8. Paul Kirkland says:

    @Socrates’ Beard why do you read Pies then?

  9. JC says:


  10. Paul McGuigan says:

    Mmm… Yummy…

  11. :) says:

    @Dave it’s all we’ve got in australia. so that would be a wish. don’t see a problem with that do you? *bite my thumb*

  12. __wowza says:

    @Socrates’ Beard
    i think the real problem here is that most people responding find this funny. you don’t, and that’s cool, but hey.. here’s a great idea.. writing a really condescending post calling everyone stupid and do it in a really backhanded fashion!

    good to know that when there’s nothing else to fire at, someones gotta take aim at peoples sense of humour of all things.

    im sure theres some great articles over at the new yorker for people with your delicate, discernible tastes.

  13. Socrates' Beard says:

    Hey, if you think this is funny, that’s cool. Just know you’re wrong.

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