Woman Wins Office Sweepstake After Being Told Germany Would Beat Brazil 7-1 By Her Sleepwalking Husband

Chris Wright

10th, July 2014

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By Chris Wright


A Brazilian artist by the name of Anna Guerra found herself being mercilessly mocked by her work colleagues on Monday when she entered the office score prediction sweepstake for the Germany-Brazil semi-final by predicting a ridiculous 7-1 tonking for the hosts.

However, she then had the last laugh when Brazil went and had their botties spanked red raw in Belo Horizonte.

Speaking to Brazilian newspaper Lance, Guerra admitted that rather than studying form, she simply opted for the heavy scoreline after being told to by her sleep-walking husband the previous night.

“He said Germany,” she said. “I asked him what the score would be and he said “7-1”.”

Sadly for Anna, her bold predicition didn’t really pay off as she only recouped around £55 from a £2.50 stake – though the silencing of her co-workers’ guffawing hopefully made up the shortfall in winnings!

Elsewhere, some lucky Herbert went and won $46,380 (£27,000) from a $20 (£12) stake after being one of only eight people worldwide to bet on a 7-1 mauling, while also throwing in Sami Khedira as a goalscorer…

The lesson? Like Quasimodo, you should always back your hunch.