The Premier League is Back; FA Cup Final on August 1; Liverpool player won’t life the trophy

Paul Sorene

29th, May 2018

The Premier League is set to take up where it left off in March on 17 June with Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal, the teams games in hand. If Arsenal win, Liverpool will be champions if they beat Newcastle in their re-opening match, says Omiqq.

There are 92 matches left to play before July 25, when the season will end. And all will take place behind closed doors, many at neutral grounds. Maybe finally the people who fix the sky-high ticket prices, tell fans to sit down and what to chant will realise that without them, football is a much reduced spectacle. 

“The Premier League and our clubs are proud to have incredibly passionate and loyal supporters,” says Premier League chief executive Richard Masters. “It is important to ensure as many people as possible can watch the matches at home.” Which is marketing speak for: show me the money. 

As for the FA Cup, well, the final will be on Saturday, 1 August.

One problem left to fix is the players? What will happen if a player declines to play, refusing to turn out out of fear and respect for his loved one’s safety? And there are player contracts to fix. Reports are that Leicester want to sign Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana. The 32-year-old England international is out of contract at Anfield at the end of June. So if he joins Leicester or not, he won’t lift the league trophy. Other players are also out of contract. 

Much is left to sort out. But the football is coming back. We’ve missed it.