‘He Was Really Nice, We Had Cake’ – After Being Sent Off, Jurgen Klopp Watched The Rest Of Dortmund’s Champions League Game With Napoli’s Caretaker

Chris Wright

20th, September 2013


By Chris Wright


You’d be forgiven that, after being sent off for unleashing all holy hell in the fourth official’s face after half-an-hour of Dortmund’s opening Champions League tie against Napoli, Jurgen Klopp would’ve made his way to the dressing room and duly taken out his frustrations by kicking the door off its hinges and reducing a couple of physio tables down to their component parts.

Not so, it would appear. Indeed, it appears that Kloppo calmed down en ruite to the tunnel and immediately set about trying to find a television to watch the remainder of the game on.

He happened to find one such television was in the Stadio San Paolo caretaker’s room, where he and the Napoli janitor, 61-year-old Vincenzo Gerrone snuggled up on the sofa, shared a slice of cake and settled in to watch the remaining hour of the tie.

“Klopp was really nice. That was the best visit since Diego Maradona,” Vincenzo told Bild. “I had a bit of cake and water there. Then we sat together on the couch and watched the game.”

“Mr Klopp was actually quite calm, but also a little nervous.”

Lovely stuff.

While we’re on the subject, did you know that Jurgen Klopp’s middle name is Norbert? Even lovelier stuff.