Football GIF: Arturo Vidal Trips Himself After Kicking The Ground, Immediately Appeals For A Penalty

Chris Wright

24th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

Here’s self-anointed Juventus “hardman” Arturo Vidal legging himself up after turfing a rather large divot out of the Bernabeu pitch last night, then having the bare-faced, utterly shameless temerity to appeal for a penalty over it…


Terrible. Appealing for the spot-kick was the first thing in his mind, Plan A. The pathetic little git. In fact, we’re actually fairly surprised that it wasn’t given – there was contact after all!

Football is broken.

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  1. SL says:

    It would have been given if the other player hadnt fallen over and was 2 yards away from him.

    Dont forget the refs always have “an if in doubt, give it” attitude which only encourages diving.

  2. Ross says:

    What a c*nt!

  3. CFC Jay says:

    i would like to give Vidal the benefit of the doubt here…….. i actually watched the game and when you see the replays, it is his standing foot that sinks into the ground and gets stuck, which for anyone who plays football and has had this happen to them, it really does feel like someone has stood on your foot and/or clipped you……especially when running at pace!

    Still funny to watch though :-)

  4. GlennSWFC says:

    It does look awful, but this was less than a stride after a tussle with Illarramendi. He’ll have felt that he was knocked off balance and that’s why he kicked the ground. As spectators, we perceive the game much differently to how it seems on the pitch. Let’s be honest also, 2-1 down at The Bernebeu with your strongest defender unfairly dismissed, you’re gonna shout for anything.

  5. Steve-o says:

    @CFC Jay / GlennSWFC

    Vidal has hardly even landed and he is already pointing at the penalty spot. How can you defend that?

  6. Chris B. says:

    Did he at least get booked?

  7. Ali says:

    @ Chris B
    Not even a booking, if he had got it he wouldve been sent off (was already booked for protesting when the ref gave Real Madrid’s penalty). I think he also should’ve been given a second yellow when he took a swipe at Marcelo’s leg (the leg that wasnt even controlling the ball). 1/3 yellows given

  8. INTER291103 says:

    Classic juventus style. They’re well-known for cheating and were relegated in 2006 for a match-fixing scandal. In Italy they do what they want (Chiellini always uses hands like in yesterday’s clear penalty but never gets a penalty in Serie A) but when they play Champions League matches they fail miserably.

  9. SL says:

    Even if he was touched, he takes a full 2 steps and then dives.

    contact is allowed in football. Well at least it was.

  10. Ricardo Pizarro says:

    You should see this video before assessing the play:

  11. TravisKOP says:

    Vidal is such a shit cunt, terrible at football too, HORRENDOUSLY overrated wanker. hes like if you took Joey Barton, Mark Van Bommel and Hulk and shoved them into one big foot stomping, elbow throwing twat!

  12. Jarren says:

    I will stop watching football soon if this bullshit continues.

    If this is not stopped, football will escalate to the theatrics of wrestling.


  13. chris says:

    I seriously got interested in football in 1982 as an 8 yr old watching the World Cup in Spain. over the last 30 years ive seen this game turn into a complete shambles. too much money, over valuation, players with inflated self worth…. Then, there is this. The blatant cheating..

    In todays game with so many cameras, you just end up looking like a wanker.
    Even with the ‘but there’s contact’ arguement. I feel there is an purity and honor lost on this sport.
    I agree with Jarren above… It’s gotten to the point where i just cant give a shit about something that is so blatantly wrong yet refuses to do nothing about it.
    SOLUTION: blatant cheating = RED CARD no matter who. Even if its marginal, yet still cheating. SEND them off. No matter the game, no matter the player. This would go away in under a matter of months.

    Please bring back honest tackling, honest skill. Then you’ll see what players are really worth. I’m not saying go back to kicking the shit out of flair players, but i want to see real stars shine.
    Arjen Robben might be fun to watch
    Even Serie A would be better…

  14. Aaron says:

    If you watch more than a 3 second gif, you would see that Illaramendi actually did clip him.

  15. sloth says:

    The turf was surprisingly shit at the Bernebeu. I think he actually thought he got clipped as he tried to shoot.

    Still not as egregious as Ronaldo’s playacting that got Chiellini a very soft straight red and virtually killed what had been a fascinating tie up to that point.

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