Snapshot: Legia Warsaw Fans Have A Message For The ‘Greedy Capitalist Pigs’ At UEFA…

Chris Wright

28th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

As displayed by the Legia Warsaw fans before their Europa League tie against Kazahkstan’s FK Aktobe tonight, a none-too-subtle message for the greedy capitalist pigs at UEFA…


Message: received.

This way for context, should you need it.

(Image via @James_Dart)

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  1. Zam says:

    It’s not like they fucked up and broke the rules or anything, is it….

  2. Jarren says:

    I don’t really get it, Celtic were hardly more of a moneyspinner than Legia Warsaw were they?

  3. torrit says:

    The thing is Legia though that they were not breaking the rules.
    Bereszynski had to serve three match ban so he didn’t play at all against Saint Patrick’s Athletic and in the first match against Celtic.

    As it turned out, Bereszynski wasn’t registered in the squad for the 2nd round (playoff vs Saint Patrick’s) so UEFA naturally deemed that him not playing in those matches doesn’t mean that he was serving ban.

    Legia argued that in 2010 VSC Debrecen was fined 15 000 euro for fielding ineligible player in additional time of 4th round return leg against Litex. They were winning 4:1 on aggregate at a time. Bulgarians wanted Debrecen to be disqualified but that was not the case.

  4. Si says:

    @Jarren – in terms of TV viewers, Celtic win hands-down.

    In any case, the banner is suggesting corruption more than anything else.

  5. Russ says:

    torrit is spot on – they were thrown out for little more than a clerical error; ridiculous.

  6. blee says:

    @Russ – they were thrown out by minor error. player who plays 4 min in 2:0 winning game where Celtic needs to score 6 goals in 4 min to go to another round… mate, think! I understand there are rules but its like crossing the street on red light and they kill you for that.

  7. Kingsland101 says:

    This isn’t a money spinner, a clerical error, a Celtic bias or anti Polish. All it is is UEFA don’t care, don’t have to care and don’t answer to anyone.

    If you have ever worked somewhere like that you know ineptitude that is ignored and mistakes essentially don’t matter. Someone made a decision without any research for precedent or suitable interpretation of the rules and stuck with it. End of.

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