Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrates Wildly After Being Offered Chocolate Winner’s Medal By Mayor Of Madrid (Video)

Chris Wright

5th, June 2017


Shortly after beating Juventus in the Champions League final, the Duodecima-winning Real Madrid squad spruced themselves up and trundled down to the town hall for a special reception with the Mayor of Madrid.

In textbook form, Mayor Manuela Carmena opened proceedings with a joke, by offering the Real players chocolate winner’s medals.

Even in her wildest dreams, surely the mayor couldn’t have envisaged her little ice-breaker going down as well as it did…

Cristiano Ronaldo let out a booming ‘siiiiim’ in the front row while the rest of his teammates whooped and howled.

The wide shot shows that Dani Carvajal was particularly keen too…

All that cumulative fame, all that cumulative fortune, and the Real players still go doolally for 10 grams of cheap chocolate.

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