Champions League: Edin Dzeko Hits Deck In Comical Fashion After Falling Victim To Vicious Pepe ‘Headbutt’ (Video)

Chris Wright

7th, March 2019

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The football world is joined in solemn vigil as we pray for Edin Dzeko, who fell victim to a truly monstrous attack in the Champions League on Wednesday evening.

With Roma in action against Porto in the last-16, Dzeko was deployed in direct competition with that most brutal of all swivel-eyed swine Pepe.

Sure enough, with tensions flaring, Pepe began screaming expletives and then struck in his customarily cowardly fashion, flooring our brave Bosnian hero with a headbutt of beastly proportions…

With candles lit and prayers being chuntered, Pies must sit tight and await further news on Dzeko’s ailing condition.

Obviously, we’ll endeavour to keep you all posted, good news or otherwise.

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