Shakhtar Donetsk had TEN first-team players out due to Covid-19 … and they beat Real Madrid 3-2 in the Bernabeu

Ollie Irish

21st, October 2020

A bald fraud hangs his head

In what ranks as one of the most remarkable results in Champions League history, Shakhtar beat Real Madrid 3-2 at the Bernabeu. This alone would be a hell of an upset, but the context makes it a near-miraculous result: due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ukraine champions were missing ten first-team players. TEN! (They’ve also had 19 positive tests.)

Real were 3-0 down at half-time, and stunned, but improved in the second half and had a late equaliser ruled out by VAR for offside. Thankfully so, as a draw would have been unfair on the visitors, not to mention it would have robbed them of perhaps the most famous scoreline in their history.

The one positive for the Spanish giants was a fantastic goal from Luka Modric:

That’s two embarrassing home defeats in a row for Zinedine Zidane, first to Cadiz in La Liga, now to Shakhtar’s reserves. Much more of this and Mauricio Pochettino will be booking a one-way flight to Madrid.

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