Photo Gallery: Rangers 1-4 Unirea Urziceni (sweet baby Jesus, Rangers are bad)

Ollie Irish

21st, October 2009


Is this the worst Rangers team of the last 25 years? Could be. You look at their line-up and wonder how they might fare in the Premier League. The answer is: they’d be relegated, no question.

There just isn’t the money in Scottish football today to entice first-class players north of the border. The days of Gazza and Laudrup and even Henrik Larsson are gone, sadly.

Last night’s performance by Rangers was a disgrace, and their second consecutive humiliating defeat at home in Europe. This was much worse than the thrashing by Seville – Unirea are a very tidy team and deserve great credit for this result, but Dan Pet Rescue’s team is simply not as good as the Liga side.

If Rangers have any hopes of qualifying for the knockout stage, they should at least be competing in games like this. They competed for all of two minutes, took the lead, then appeared to think the win would follow without having to work for it. Rangers fans deserve so much better and it was no surprise to see so many flooding out with half an hour to go.

For proud Unirea fans (and masochistic Rangers supporters), check out our gallery of the match:


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And a video nasty:

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  1. Chringle says:

    They [Rangers and Celtic] only used to be able to attract half-way decent players because of the lure of Champions League football [by default] every year. Now there are so many teams involved from ‘lesser’ leagues that are funded with bottomless pits of Russian oil money that these players no longer have to play in Scotland as there is more money elsewhere [ie. the russian/ukrainian leagues]. So the question is, “Would you play in the Scottish League purely for the love of Scottish football?” Erm…No.

  2. Squelch says:

    I’d have Pedro Mendes back, that’s it. Even then he’s only a mid table midfielder.

  3. martin says:

    Steven Davis & Kevin Thomson, great players but as for the rest including Boyd they’re mincemeat!

  4. cherzo says:

    Thompson is nothing but a thug and steven davis is an average player is a crap league. Rangers will do even worse in next years CL. thy could lose 7 or 8-0 in a game.

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