Top 15 Photos: Assorted Champions League Training

Chris Wright

27th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Pies pick of the 15 most ‘caption-tastic’ photos from pre-Champions League training sessions across the continent(ish)…

“Just give that a sniff Danny, does it smell of broccoli to you?”

Bayern Munich’s David Alaba is house-trained, though sadly not training pitch-trained

‘The Chosen One’ walks among the Ajax squad

“Oh right! Xbox!!!”

United are still working out the kinks in their new Parkbot 7000 – designed to ensure shirt sales continue in Korea for the rest of time

“Where are we again?”

“One more question about De Gea and so help me God…”

“Quick, while no-one’s looking…”

“We payed for these mats, we’re damn-sure going to use them!”

Sandi Toksvig makes an impromptu appearance at Benfica training

Miralem Sulejmani cleans up at the Bernabeu after the previous night’s Devo concert

“Quick show of hands, who failed to notice that I wasn’t Ralf Rangnick this morning?”

“Hitler? Yeah, he was this tall and he lived over there!”

Always finish on a Nazi gag.

[Photos: PA]