Top five quotes from Frank Lampard’s blog

Ollie Irish

30th, March 2007


franklampardxmas.jpgThe always-excellent Kickette alerts us to the fact that Frank Lampard has his own blog, sponsored by Orange. It’s generally very bland but it does occasionally reveal some mildly interesting stuff about the World’s Second-best Player. Here are the top five pearls of wisdom from the pen of Super Frank (who incidentally is fit to play for Chelsea tomorrow – gasp, surely he wasn’t dropped by Steve McClaren?):
1 ‘John Terry will only wee in one urinal in the dressing-room toilets at Stamford Bridge. If you’re at that one, he’ll queue behind you even though there are others free…’
Fascinating, Frank. What a lovely image.

2 ‘There’s one game I play with the lads on the PSP – SOCOM. We’re all linked up and we play against each other in groups – me, Shaun Wright-Phillips, John Terry and Khalid Boulharouz against Wayne Bridge, Ashley Cole, Arjen Robben and Didier Drogba. Our team is by far the best!’
What fun they must have together.
3 ‘I’m a big Christmas dinner fan and last year a good friend of mine – Marco Pierre White – sent someone round to help me cook it.’
World-class bit of name-dropping.
4 ‘I love giving Christmas presents, but it can be hard. I get nervous thinking about what I might get for people, especially Elen – my girlfriend – who is sometimes hard to buy for.’
Girlfriend in ‘hard to buy for’ shock.
5 ‘I’m listening to a lot of Razorlight at the moment – other than that it’s a mixture. Pre-game it’s like an R&B mixture that a lot of the lads listen to in the dressing room.’
Really? Tell us mor…zzzzzzzzz.
He’s a very complex man.

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  1. Manaba says:

    I agree. His blog is Sh*t (just took a look at it).
    Oh, and it seems they only accept posts from women that tell him how great he looks. I assume the lads are not as accommodating.

  2. joe says:

    This is such self-indulgent rubbish.

  3. karley mason says:

    hi my nma is karley mason im 12 years old and i adore frank he is soooo fit and chelseafc are the best ever his blog is really good and his pictures are really fit so anyway lots of love from your number-one fan karley mason xxx love you xxx

  4. sarah-louise says:

    OMG love anything franki does, and his blog is gr8!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    frank lampard is a world class player whom i admire at too much .and that i like to see him playing in all chelsea games
    i would like to play with him in the long run. i like scoring goals so he is the most powerful midfielder ever i adnierd at

  6. sebah says:

    i like the way frank plays as a midfielder
    he has the scoring power. i would like him to
    be haveing me in contact under my above e-mail address e-mai address

  7. Marina says:

    It’s o.k. to have a laugh now and then, even at the expence of the world’s second-best player but let’s be fair: Frank’s comment is presented out of context.It was a reference to John Terry’s superstitions concerning football. I realise Frank’s an obvious target but let’s give him a break,eh?