‘I Will Ask If He’s Really 25!’ – Eden Hazard Is As Sceptical About Diego Costa’s Age As Everybody Else

Chris Wright

26th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

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There is a certain amount of light-hearted faux-controversy doing the rounds at the moment centred around the year on Diego Costa’s birth certificate, with many claiming that the Chelsea striker is far older than the 25 he claims to be.

Officially, the Brazilian-born striker came into the world on 7/10/1988 making him 25-years-old but, as has been noted by many, Costa’s grizzled, knotty face seems to suggest that he may have actually been born sometime around the moon landing.

Like poor old “41-year-old” Lazio youth prodigy Joseph Minala before him, it would appear that even his new Chelsea teammates are starting to become sceptical about Costa’s true vintage having seen him up close – with Eden Hazard being the first to speak out of his concerns.

In an interview with Soccer AM (and brought to our attention by Dirty Tackle), Hazard was asked about Chelsea’s summer recruits, to which the Belgian winger replied:

“Costa looks old so I will ask him if he really is 25, even though he doesn’t speak English yet!”

Pies don’t wish to impinge on Agent Hazard’s case work, but we’ve done a little bit of forensic carbon dating (Google image search) ourselves and unearthed some old photos of the “young” Costa which date from around 2006-2008, putting him at age 17/18/19 or thereabouts.

He hardly looks what you might call “fresh faced”…




Going back even further, here’s a photo of Costa at one of his early youth teams, aged about 9-years-old…


And here’s his photo ID registration card for Barcelona Esportivo Capela, the Sao Paulo boys club Costa joined at the age of 14…


Conclusive evidence, your honour, that we either have some kind of Benjamin Button hoodoo going on here or, perhaps more plausibly, Costa is just one old-looking son of a gun.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    age that`s not matter

  2. canadasmoothly says:

    Eden Hazard must be so stupid about such a statement concerning his fellow teammate. I wonder if , with this statement the other players will settled well with this guy on the field. What an idiot language.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He’s from previous generation genes, meaning at 18 yrs you do look like a man. In contrary to today, boys at 18-20yrs still look they haven’t hit puberty yet.

  4. Hero says:

    Enemy of progress, whoever raised this topic of Costa’s age is an enemy of progress to Chelsea, this is a strategy to destroy Costa’s happiness and frustrate him so that he may lack confidence. Please everybody must leave Costa alone; we love him whether he is 25years or more. Eden Hazard you need to obtain more maturity because it is very wrong for you to say that you will ask Costa if he is really 25. You don’t just open that your mouth on the press and start talking without thinking.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eden would have been made more aware of the hazard of his clearly thoughtless statement had D. Costa been a black player.

  6. lee says:

    Diego Costa is fraud and not 25 years old and must have his contract cancelled for misleading football by lying he is 25 years when indeed he is in his late 30,s.Chelsea paid a lot of money for his services and Morinnho must be sacked for his blindness in not taking notice that he was actually signing a player way beyond his false age.

  7. Please everybody, I am pleading on behalf of Eden Hazard and of course his comment on his fellow teammate (Costa) it is very upsetting, please forgive him for he don’t know what he is saying, as you all can see that he is even younger than his age, that is why he don’t know how to use his mouth.

  8. otim says:

    I think that is being reactionist.How can it be an oversight. Just unqualifies people in the Education sector. How can it for all this long be that, Even few technocrats at Education Ministry i bet can hardly distinct High S

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