THE VOTE Is Carlo Cudicini the best-looking player at Chelsea?


4th, May 2007


Cudicini.jpgIt’s a week since we unearthed a clip of the Chelsea squad looking very sheepish when asked to name their best-looking team-mate. In that week every man and his blog has covered the video, culminating in an appearance on Radio One the other day (they overlooked the fact that they are perhaps not best-placed to share videos with their audience!).
Amid all the red faces, the Blues players actually nominated Carlo Cudicini as the man of their dreams. So is the bench-warming Italian the best-looking boy at the Bridge? If you decide not, let us know who who would get your vote.

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  1. aja says:

    i’d go for joe cole.

  2. Timothy B. says:

    I think Mourinho is MY special one.
    But as far as players go, I’d have to say Terry. He’s got that sophisticated, Kevin Spacey look.

  3. Emma says:

    Well, Jose is special, special, special, and Sheva and Petr Cech are lovely too. I won’t say who else I like because I don’t want to be laughed at…
    Except that he’s initial’s are A.R.