Chelsea: Mourinho Reveals His Pedro Conversation, Looking for More Players, Unhappy With His Own Form

Paul Sorene

22nd, August 2015



Chelsea manager has José Mourinho’s press conference offered much food for thought:


On His Form

I am not happy with my form. I used to get better results than I am getting now. This is the start of everything. I am not happy with Ivanovic’s form, Cahill’s form, John Terry’s form, Azpilicueta’s form, Fàbregas’s form, Nemanja Matic’s form. No, there is not one [I am happy with]. We have one point from two matches. I am not happy at all with anyone. I am either happy with everybody or not happy with anyone.


On Losing

But for me, the first thing is that I am not happy with my form. I am going to the gym every day this week to get fitter. Maybe I need to be more active on the touchline, so I need to be fitter. I don’t like to lose or for the players to have a better mentality than I have. So we are not happy.


On A New Formation

When you have strikers like we have, why not play with two? When you have fast people like [Kurt] Zouma and Azpilicueta, why not play with three defenders? We are thinking about that. We normally train well, but this week better than ever. Why? Because we are not happy. I am not happy with results, and neither are the players. We want to do better. The only way to do that is to work well, better than ever. You need to be unhappy.


On Calling Pedro

It was a one-minute conversation. ‘Is it true that you want to leave Barcelona?’

‘Yes, it’s true. I love it here. It’s my home, but it’s time for me to move.’

‘Did you sign already for another club?’

‘Almost, but not yet.’

‘Do you want to come here?’

‘Yes, I want [to].’ For me, it was one minute.

I told that to my people in the club responsible for the practical side of the market, that he hadn’t signed for another club. Almost, but not yet. I said: ‘He told me he wants to come here, so it’s over to you.’


On Buying More Players

In these last two weeks it’s an ’opportunity window’. It depends on whether you can do something you really believe you cannot pass up. Let’s see what can happen.


Next up for Chelsea: West Brom away.


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  1. Straight Dave says:

    So he DID tap up Pedro after all. Well, that would explain a lot.

  2. maria says:

    It’s hardly tapping up if the media are reporting that he’s about to leave and just asking it it’s true he wants to leave. Gazumping maybe.

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