Everton: Romelu Lukaku On Beating Manchester City, John Stones’ Move To Chelsea And Regret

Paul Sorene

22nd, August 2015


Everton’s powerhouse striker Romelu Lukaku has been talking with the Guardian’s Any Hunter. He’s looking forward to Manchester City’s visit.


Can He Be Better than Serio Aguero and Diego Costa?

Yes. because I can see a pass sometimes. If that comes out on a consistent basis then I can add that to my size, power and pace.


Can He Best The Manchester City Defence?

I am taller than them, I am bigger than them so I am not scared. I know if we use my pace and I win the physical battles I will have a good game.


Can He Be The Best?

If you want to be one of the best you have to look at the best. For me at the moment that’s men like Diego Costa and Agüero. Costa because he has that combativity. He terrorises defences just with a look in his opponent’s eye. With Agüero he can run in behind, come to feet, hold the ball, dribble past a few players. That is what I like. You have to look at these players and think ‘What do you have that I don’t?’ and add it to your game. I have the potential but it has to come out.


Is Chelsea The Right Move?

When you’re 18 and leave your family and go to such a massive club and don’t play for a whole year, it does a lot to you. John [Stones] is in a good situation at a good club that believes in him… He’s been here two years now but this is the year when he needs to confirm he is the top player he can be. This club has massive potential with the players we have and the ambition the manager has…

When you go to Chelsea at a young age it’s up to you if you want to survive. Sometimes it depends on the situation, too.


Lukaku is hugley likeable. Read it all here.


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