THE VOTE Is Chelsea’s new day-glo away kit an eyesore?


7th, June 2007


0%2C%2C2007260245%2C00.jpgAccording the Super Soaraway Current Bun, Chelsea’s new luminous yellow away shirt, leaked a few days before its official launch, was ‘chosen by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who likes Barcelona’s bright orange away jerseys’.
Chelski will debut the day-glo jersey for a friendly against Suwon Blue-wings in LA on 17 July.

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  1. Clasher says:

    horrible, in every sense of it.. hard to live with something like that, watching them on away games to wear that shit as i’m Chelski fan..

  2. mof gimmers says:

    It’ll make it easier when aiming pies at ’em when they’re walking down the street won’t it?
    Mof Gimmers
    (Pies Midfield Anchor)

  3. Anonymous says:

    road workers look more elegant

  4. Hroosky says:

    Lamps might find it a bit harder to hide at away matches next season!

  5. chringle says:

    classic dortmund.