Chelsea add exciting young goalkeeper Petr Cech to 2020 Premier League squad

Ollie Irish

20th, October 2020

“Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

Chelsea have registered Petr Cech in their Premier League squad for the 2020/21 season. Cech is the club’s technical and performance advisor, and used to wearing a suit these days. He’s also 38 years old, which is not ancient for a keeper (he’s younger than team-mate Willy Caballero).

Why have Chelsea done this, you ask … to troll Mesut Ozil (omitted from Arsenal’s squad)? Or because, Kepa? Neither, although of course Kepa is a problem for Frank Lampard. They did it simply because there was a spare slot going, and the club figured, hey, why not have four keepers just in case (Kepa, Caballero, Cech and new signing Edouard Mendy) of a freak run of injuries or Covid shenanigans.

I’m pretty sure most Chelsea fans would trust Cech at 38 over Kepa anyway.

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