Shithouse of the Week: Luis Suarez at it again with sly pinch on Antonio Rudiger

Ollie Irish

25th, February 2021



Pundit Ally McCoist says he “wanted to smack” Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez after seeing his underhand pinch on Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger during Tuesday night’s Champions League clash.

After Atleti failed to have a single shot on target, Suarez’s frustration boiled over towards the end of the match when he somehow escaped from Rudiger’s pocket. Replays showed the Uruguayan reaching down behind Rudiger’s knee and giving him a very sly pinch on his bare skin.

Highlights: Atletico 0-1 Chelsea

McCoist admits he would have been close to smacking Suarez had he been in Rudiger’s boots.

The former Scotland striker said on Talksport: “That’s horrible!

“Honest to God, you’d rather he punched you! The nip, there’s no need for that, there’s no place for the nip in football.

“And you don’t need long nails to be a good nipper, because you can really nip if you just get the skin.

“But I wanted to smack him when he did that, it really annoyed me!”

You’re not the first to feel that way, Ally.

Watch the incident:

Good to see that Suarez is still a world-class shithouse. Never change, Luis.

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  1. Jake says:

    I’m a member of the “Suarez should be banned for life” club, mostly due to the biting three other men part, I suppose the racism is too prevalent to ban everybody for it, regardless of how nice that would be. The pinch on Rudiger is frustrating, he also kicked back at Azpi at one point that made my blood boil, such a turd. He does a nice job of getting the ball over the line, though, so hey ho.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not his fault! He’s the victim! It’s a campaign against us! It’s all Howard We- oh wait, sorry, I forgot, he’s not at liverpool anymore, so you’re right, he IS a shithouse. I must have gotten confused for a moment there, what with seeing him in a red strip n all (almost had the Justice For Luis t-shirt out again. Phew.)

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