Football scenes you’ll never see: John Terry in a Man City shirt

Ollie Irish

3rd, July 2009


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Chelsea didn’t just reject Man City’s bid for Mr JT; they blew it out of the water with a snide dismissal worthy only of the Great Peter Kenyon:
“Chelsea Football Club can confirm it has completely rejected an offer from Manchester City for John Terry.
“It was made clear to City, for the second time following an approach last season, that we would not entertain any conversation on the subject.
“At that time John also reiterated his total commitment to Chelsea.
“We would like to make clear, and will not do so again, that John is not for sale.”

Geddit, John. Is. Not. For. Sale. (Translation: speak to us in two or three seasons’ time, when John is past his best, and we’ll do business.)

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  1. Gratian says:

    He certainly will never play for City in the shirt shown in the picture.

  2. mplctid says:

    Tragic mistake. Think you better note that JT has declined to comment and it is well rumoured he is interested in talking to City.

  3. mick says:

    City wouldn’t have bid if there wasn’t a nibble of interest form the man himself, and nothing heard from Terry yet – so lets just wait and see…

  4. hahahaha says:

    People, are you actually sure Terry has rejected City ? I think not, it was Chelsea NOT Terry. Terry and his agent wanted to know what was on offer??????????????????????

  5. City till I die says:

    Keep the chelsea muppet, did have a great season last year. Hughes go out and buy two world class centre half. Not some muppet that score a penalty against the red scum.

  6. Dave says:

    Actually, the recognised translation of Not For Sale means were not speaking to you until you come back with a better offer!

  7. Gratian says:

    Whose body have they plonked Terry’s massive head on? Irelands?

  8. Gratian says:

    Dunnies body. The page creator never bothered to change the name of the jpeg he ripped from another site.

  9. mankmanuk says:

    Best fun I have ever had at the expense of the former richest club in the world.
    I bet Ibramovich is starting to wonder whether he should or he shouldn’t.
    It would be a right royal rocket up his jacksey if Terry came out and said “actually Roman I like the idea of moving up north to the new up and coming club. My friends SWP, Wayne and Gareth all think I should come too and the people are friendlier up there. I’d love to play with those England team mates of mine. thank you very much and you can tell Peter Kenyon to refrain from making my mind up for me thanks very much”
    See ya Roman they have considerably more money than you and at least I know who’s going to be by Manager at Christmas time.
    :) CTID

  10. Gratian says:

    If Terry does say he is interested in City then its all over for Roman the Happy Clapper and his merry men. That will be 2 down 2 to go!!

  11. cartel says:

    listen to all these idiotic city fans, as they sit at their keyboards, jersy on, with kaka scribbled out and barry wrote underneath….know your place…10th

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