Noel Gallagher: John Terry is a ‘Cockney cry baby’

Ollie Irish

17th, July 2009


Undisputed quote of the day goes to Noel Gallagher:
“I don’t like John Terry and I never have. He’s got funny eyes and he’s a cry baby. He’s also a Cockney and he’d absolutely be coming [to Man City] just for the money.”
Can’t argue with that.
In an interview with F365, the Oasis star also slated Emmanuel Adebayor:
“I have always had a great dislike for Adebayor. I don’t like all that silly dancing by the corner flag – I prefer a swift handshake and back to the game.”
Classic. I definitely prefer Noel Gallagher the person to Noel Gallagher the musician.

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  1. Eric Wicks says:

    ‘Who the F**k is Noel Gallagher? What gives him the right to abuse JT? he’s never met him, never will, & where was he when City needed his money? nothing but a jumped up s**t singer in a s**t band, Pr**k…….

  2. Jimbob says:

    Not a fan than Eric?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The only reason anybody is now signing for Citeh is for the money. Deal with it you whiny manc scum.
    Anyway, hasn’t Noel lived ‘doon saaf’ ever since he got famous!?
    Professional f*ckin Northerners, I’ll sh*t ’em.

  4. Adrian says:

    Noel knows what he is talking about, him and his twat of a brother are EQUALLY as over-rated as JT – blue-shirted tosser.

  5. oasismonkeyLFC says:

    Noel is a freaking genius.

  6. Casey says:

    What’s the difference between Noel Gallagher and Chelsea?
    Chelsea doesn’t split up after 18 years.
    Good work Noel, divert your attention to your other mediocre projects like manc.

  7. Joe Cole says:

    Noel , John Terry just jumped over your Wonderwall to kick your ass, pathetic wanker.

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