Petr Cech Drums His Way Through Coldplay Classic ‘Yellow’ (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

There was a time, back in the primordial ooze, that Coldplay were an almost passable band, they were on the brink – but after album upon album of mawkish rhyming couplets, tedious radar-ping guitar motifs and cookie-cutter MOR AOR, well, deary me doesn’t ‘Parachutes’ seem like such a long time ago now?

I digress, here’s Petr Cech drumming his way through ‘Yellow’ with Czech rockers The Eddie Stoilow Band at a do in their homeland in aid of a children’s charity – there’s got to be a ‘between the sticks’-based pun in there somewhere….

Not too shabby to say he’s only been at it for six months, plus it was all for charidee so I think a polite ripple of applause is due all round, don’t you?

Maybe Petr’s eyeing up a spot in Chelsea’s house band?

Video: Metro