Chelsea Condemn Moronic Fans For ‘Anton Ferdinand, You Know What You Are’ Chants

Chris Wright

2nd, November 2011


By Chris Wright

Chelsea have been quick to officially condemn chants about Anton Ferdinand that were sung persistently by their fans during last night’s Champions League tie with Genk in Belgium.

Fans sung ‘Anton Ferdinand, you know what you are’ repeatedly and with gusto throughout the night in, let’s call it…’misguided support’ of John Terry (who was on the bench) on the very same day that the Metropolitan Police opened a formal investigation into the allegations that Chelsea captain racially abused the QPR centre-half last weekend.

Chelsea released the following brief statement via a spokesman last night: “The chanting was wholly inappropriate and we don’t condone it.”

Pithy and to the point, I like it. For the record, the incident has been reported to UEFA who, in customary style, will probably take a couple of months to do sod all about it.

Now, as for the chanting itself. First and foremost, the chants were racist. Thinly-veiled by a gossamer of disassociation, but definitely racist. The implication being that Ferdinand knows he’s a ‘f**king black c**t’. I won’t listen to a word said otherwise.

Fingers have been pointed at Andre Villas-Boas for not stating plainly and clearly that the behaviour of the Chelsea fans was unacceptable under direct questioning during his post-match interview – though AVB has made a point of maintaining resolute ‘radio silence’ to avoid influencing the outcome of the debacle ever since the initial incident. Which is his prerogative.

The chanting fans in Genk have no-one but themselves to blame. They tried to show (utterly futile) support for their skipper, defending the (allegedly) indefensible, but unfortunately weren’t possessive of the sufficient neuron count to do it rationally, productively or inoffensively.

We’re talking about fully-grown, presumably semi-cognitive adults here but the sad fact is that you’re average ‘vocal’ British football fan hollering obscenities from the terraces is a ding-a-ling moron, and when morons bandy together, moronic things tend to happen. At the crux, it’s a simple law of averages.

A positive to be taken out of this sorry mess is that the Terry/Ferdinand incident and subsequent chanting has seen racist abuse decried almost universally and instantaneously, whereas there’s a good chance it wouldn’t have even been a bone of contention in the not-so-distant past.

It’s clutching at straws I know but at the very least, regardless of these momentary set-backs, it appears that the good fight is slowly but surely being won.

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  1. makoto says:

    why chelsea fans so uncivillised! chelsea team also like that! see his captain already know! terry is a TWAT!

  2. Davy says:

    Great article Chris….

  3. chimpo says:

    good grief we really are Millwall with Money aren’t we.

    I love the batshit crazy folk you get on here. Dolphin face idiot head!

  4. Charlie Adam says:

    Is this the same fanbase who wear Drogba, Essien and Cole on their back, rightfully, and call RVP a nazi?

  5. VAns says:

    HE knows hes a twat, liar…. endless list of things. Tends to be filled in with connotations to do with race. Thats the fault of the person who thinks it not the fans. Get over it

  6. matty says:

    Not only is Terry a cunt, lots of chelsea fans are too.
    Would you believe it…..

  7. Sleeba says:

    Wow! The amount of generalization that goes on here is jaw-dropping. Most football fans are sheep when in a crowd, especially away. We all do it and have always done. Chelsea fans have a right, at the moment, to have their backs to the wall, this does not forgive the actual chant, even if it was in bad humour.
    John Terry should be dropped as it obviously effects the team as it did last year during Bridge-gate. I think also, the rest of the team should come out and back him if they believe that he is being treated unfairly, but so far…..

  8. Sultan says:

    Pathetic….read on soccernet…AVB mentions “he didn’t hear it and was concentrating on the game”…..liked AVB when he first joined, but recently he denies “this that”….pathetic !!!

  9. Jay says:

    Top article Chris. Kudos.

  10. chimpo says:

    @sultan- oh please- I’m sure whoever the manager is of the team you support (Wenger, Ferdy etc etc) does exactly the same; the all do.

    This high-horse fan myopia is absurd.

    1: Some players are idiots/racist
    2: Some fans are idiots/racist
    3: Managers will often publically overlook actions.
    4: Don’t paint all of us with the same brush as next time it could be your fans/players being arseholes (Suarez anyone?)

  11. tom says:

    Tatooed forearms, racist beliefs and a lion in a circle on their chest. Chelsea fans are easily spotted and best avoided. Unsurprising to see the support of Terry and even less surprising to see Chelsea fans defending Chelsea fans.

    Chris, you are right to not listen to counter points about the chants, quite simply: (those who chanted) ‘Chelsea fans, you know what you are’.

    Not all are terrible people, probably not even most of them are but nevertheless a lot of the old school Chelsea fans I’ve met hold these types of views. Despicable and utterly deplorable

  12. Sultan says:

    @ Chimpo — Everton ! David Moyes barely !

  13. Redmanmars says:

    The idiocy of a minority will taint the majority, not just Chelsea fans but football fans in general. Thanks a million.
    I see UEFA will do their usual sweet FA about last night’s chanting.

  14. sloth says:

    Absolutely idiotic. If I were a Chelsea supporter I wouldn’t be defending Terry’s words, I’d be refuting that he said them at all. With Cole, Essien, Ramires, Drogba, Mikel, Malouda, Bosingwa, Anelka, Kalou, Lukaku, and Sturridge in the Chelsea squad, racism is utterly incomprehensible from both the captain and the fans.

  15. Kevin Barry says:

    First he fucks his mates missus.

    Then he racially abuses an opponent.

    Then he falls on his face to make his teammates pass look bad coz he’s too slow for the premier league!

    John Terry you’re a James Hunt!

    And AVB is showing his lack of a spine less than 3 months into the season.

  16. Muppetfinder General says:

    Pth, moronic Caucasians and their ignorance of habeus corpus.

  17. Redskywalker says:

    Chelsea fans also Booed Wayne Bridge when he first returned to Stamford Bridge after the affair scandal.
    So they support adultery and Racism.

    If it came out that Terry raped someone, they’d probably sing about that ‘in support of their skipper’ too.

  18. Sleeba says:

    There are more muppets on this page than Stamford Bridge…Tom, how old are you….5?

  19. the cheslki ranger says:

    Im a moron then cos i know what he is – an attention seeking average player living of his brothers name .. not racist in any way just typical anti chelsea brigade making mountain out of molehill, liverpool fans defend suarez are they morons too ??? get over it!

  20. tom says:

    Sleeba, yeah, I’m 5. What do you disagree with?

  21. st_paul says:

    Blimey it luck none of you are actually in charge of the legal system in this country. You’d all hang people just because a newspaper said it was true. The lot of you know what you are… and humble pie will be served when both the police and FA drop there investigation’s, why? cause f all happened. You lot have a lot of hate and very small lives.

  22. […] to paraphrase the iconic civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King, one chant is based on the colour of the player’s skin and the other on the (alleged) content of a player’s character. I think you’ll agree […]

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