Ramires & David Luiz Celebrate Goal With Kooky Dance To Win Inflatable Green Doll Called ‘Johnny Big Smiles’ (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, November 2011


By Chris Wright

That may just be the greatest headline I’ve ever written.

Anyway, you may well have noticed that both Ramires and David Luiz performed a rather strange little syncronised dance after the former scored for Chelsea against Genk last night, though you may not be fully aware why.

Apparently, it’s something to do with this inflatable little green critter, who goes by the name of Joao Sorrisao (which loosely translates as something close to ‘Johnny Big Smiles’) and is somewhat of a ‘star’ in Brazil after featuring in a music video…

Globo Esporte is running a competition where any player that dances like Joao Sorrisao after scoring gets sent an inflatable doll for their troubles.

According to Globo, lots of players have already done it in the Brazilian league, but it’s yet to catch on outside Brazil so, after being interviewed by the paper last week, Luiz and Ramires promised they’d do it next time one of them scored a goal.