Champagne Moment: Jimmy Bullard goal celebration mimics infamous Phil Brown team talk

Ollie Irish

30th, November 2009




The greatest moment of the Prem weekend? No question. The greatest ironic goal celebration in British football history? No question – greater even than Gazza’s ‘dentist’s chair’ and Craig Bellamy’s ‘golf swing’.

What I love most about Jimmy Bullard is that he makes football FUN. Because there’s no reason why even football at the highest level can’t be fun (see Roger Milla, see Franco Zola etc.) – but the Sky Sports Premier League era is so damned po-faced and serious and hyperbolic and self-righteous. It’s so damned Richard Keys, in other words.

So thank God for rare characters like Bullard who put a big smile on the face of team-mates – look at Nicky Barmby’s face; I’ve never seen him so happy! – and supporters alike.

For this celebration alone, not to mention his rejuvenating effect on the entire club, Bullard is already on my shortlist for Player of the Season.

And good on Phil Brown for being able to laugh at himself. About time.