Kaka finally replies to the guy who asked him to cut it back in Haggerston

Ollie Irish

3rd, December 2020

In February 2020, Kaka turned up in Haggerston, East London, to play with a bunch of amateurs. It was an Adidas thing, but still, imagine getting to play with/against a Ballon d’Or winner on an artificial pitch.

Kaka scored a peach of a goal that day. Footage of it went viral, inevitably. It wasn’t just the languid ease with which the Brazilian scored that made the clip, it was the team-mate on his right screaming “Kaka, Kaka… cut back, cut back!” One player’s reaction from the sideline was also great (see photo above).

Since that day, when Kaka did not cut it back, the world has turned to shit. Coincidence?

So when Kaka popped up on Twitter today with a clap back, I choose to see it as a sign that the world will return to its normal state soon.

The patience of the man.

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