Fernando Torres is jacked now – why did he bother?

Ollie Irish

20th, January 2021

Things we learned this week: Fernando Torres now looks Photoshopped – but this is indeed his new, pumped-up body. Looks weird, doesn’t it – his head is two sizes too small for the rest of him.

I wonder why did Torres go to the significant effort of sculpting a brand new body after he retired? He spent almost 20 years as a professional footballer, having to take great care of himself. Now he can eat and drink whatever he wants. Let it all hang out, dude. Eat a whole box of Dunkin’ Donuts if you like, and wash them all down with a four-pack of Stella. You’ve earned it.

P.S. If you’re wondering, aw8.com is an online casino based somewhere in Asia. This is Nando’s Suntory whiskey moment.

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