Snapshot: Irish Herald Wish Thierry Henry Happy Birthday

Chris Wright

17th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Spotted in the Irish Herald’s birthday round-up section…

Via 101GG

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  1. Kastrol says:

    Bitter much?

  2. Kevin says:

    You would be…especially after how awful they were in the WC itself

  3. Chris says:

    Very bitter, but very brilliant.

  4. Kastrol says:

    Henry’s a hero in my books. Sacrifising his reputation and career in Europe to prevent Darren Gibson from tarnishing the glamour of the World Cup.

  5. murry1975 says:

    Henry is to Ireland what Maradona is to England .
    Who is this Darren Gibson you speak of Kastrol ? Darron Gibson plays for Ireland , get over it while Lee Camp keeps goal for you .

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  7. Coco says:

    Look Im irish at the end of the day he denied a nation at a chance of a WC by cheating, may as well have been bribery…Oh wait :L

    The bigger issue of that was Fifa seeding the play-off so the likes of france and there TV rights could line Fifa’s pockets for another WC.. The whole organisation of Fifa and there systems are only for the benfit of the world nations and bribery! Its wrong…

  8. df says:

    funny : )

  9. Gino Annie? says:

    Class….. Might as well call it as it is.
    We’ve moved on, nothing we can do now. Forgive but never forget. Hopefully the players have put it behind them and we can get through the qualifiers up near the top of the table.

  10. Montesquieu says:

    Well UEFA and FIFA Presidents are Francophones, I wonder what bias they might hold.

    Henry’s good reputation ended the day he left for Barcelona, and spent the majority of the time on the bench. He became a greedy merchant who threw away his legendary status at Arsenal.

  11. Tom Jones says:

    Oh so bitter the Irish are. They would never had qualified even if Henry hadn’t handballed.

  12. murry1975 says:

    @Tom Jones
    Bitter , yes we are , never have qualified? Maybe we would have , who knows , definitely not you .

  13. lena says:

    what irish losers.bitches

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