Chicago Fire Fans Unveil Huge Super Mario Banner (With Video)

Ollie Irish

27th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

As a taunt to rivals Seattle Sounders – who are sponsored up the ass by Microsoft’s Xbox – Chicago Fire’s hardcore fans, aka Section 8, unveiled this huge Super Mario banner before their recent MLS clash. Not that it helped, as the Fire crashed and burned in a 1-0 loss that effectively ends their season. They’ve won a limp six games out of 24 so far, which is relegation form… except of course there is no such thing in America. Phew.

Good work, soccerball fans. Nintendo > Microsoft every time.

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  1. MR.T says:


  2. kritter says:

    also, too bad those cute little fire supporters who can’t sell out a little stadium also can’t defend their home turf very well. 1-nil to Sounders, with a 88′ minute goal. too sweet. Sounders ’til i die.

  3. kritter says:

    One more thing, now that you’ve hit MLS below the belt with that relegation comment, how do you suppose MLS starts relegation, Ollie? There’s only a handful of professional teams to begin with.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Great display. Seattle’s customers only have sold out their “stadium” because they were brainwashed by Evil Drew Carey. They hardly ever sold out Starfire Sports Complex and it only holds a couple thousand. When the novelty wears off they will be back down to around 12,000. Most of these customers had never seen a football game until 2009. When Portland, with their awesome soccer specific stadium, and Vancouver, with their truly classy fans, enter the league next year the Sounders will be quickly forgotten. Sorry, I only speak the truth.

  5. kritter says:

    What do you mean “they hardly ever sold out Starfire?” It’s a non-sequiter. MLS games have 36,000. I went to the Portland/Whitecaps match at PGE this summer and “Soccer City” couldn’t even sell that one out. Good thing, too. Maybe the most boring 0-0 match I’d ever witnessed.

    Portland will always be Seattle’s little whiney brother. All the fixies, tattoos and general snobbishness can’t hide that fact, son. Portland fans obviously hate Seattle more than Vancouver because they know they have something to prove when it comes to Seattle. Stick to Vancouver, Portland. They’re more on your level. And your new badge is hideous. Looks like boy scout honor patch.

  6. Jonathan says:

    You can’t even begin to defend your horrible hi-lighter kits or your ugly crest which even Seattles “fans” find offensive. At least we will never have a marching band or artificial noise pumped into our stadium. Everybody around the league snickers to themselves when they here that SEATTLE SOUNDERS chant that sounds like it came from a U-12 soccer tournament. Portland is a much more livable city than Seattle, we can actually drive across our city in under a half hour. When I was up there last spring everywhere you went you had to wait in lines 20 deep for subpar food. Our restaurants,music,sports teams, and any other category you want to compare trump Seattle. I’s sorry thats just the facts and you and the rest of the customers will just have to live with it. P.S. how can you say that we are Seattles whiney brother when every national media outlet is pushing Portland as what Seattle wishes it could be. And I am not your “son”. Schmetzer and Burpo must die!

  7. kritter says:

    I noticed you didn’t defend the one assertion I made about the actual product on the field.

  8. Connor says:

    portland is garbage, you can’t get through the city in half an hour, all your streets are circles. Sure we’ve profited from an influx in fans… Highest attendances in MLS isn’t anything to be ashamed of. And no, people won’t stop going, almost all those seats are season ticket holders, even in the recession, so I don’t think attendance will drop. Have fun being consistently at the bottom of the west.

  9. Jonathan says:

    When Portland played Seattle in the US Open cup the last two years they were lucky to get away with a win both times. In 2009 one of your wannabe hooligans threw a flair on the pitch and distracted all the players except douchebag levesque who scored the winning goal. The goal should ghave been disallowed. This year your “team” had to bring on many of their starters to eek out a shoot out win. Keller had his goalkeeping coach behind the net helping him guess which way our players were going to shoot. That is a violation of FIFA code. Any USL team can beat any MLS team on any given night, but your “fans” would not know that becuase they have never seen Seattle’s USL team. At least we don’t hire rapists.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Of course you have high attendance. You lost the Sonics, The Mariners are laughable, The Seahawks don’t play defence and The Huskies are a shadow of the Don James years. When the Sounders finish riding their wave of new found fans they will be joining the rest of the cellar dwellers.

  11. kritter says:

    Jonathan, that’s got to be it. We cheated. Totally. We’ve cheated every time we’ve beaten Portland. There’s no other explanation. Keller’s a cheater (U of Portland grad), Levesque, all our fans, Hanauer, Montero, the lot. All cheating.

    You are pathetic.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Montero’s a rapist. You don’t have any real “fans”. Keller is a douchebag with tights. I will admit your team right now is much better than The Timbers but with a payroll 3 to 4 times higher I would expect that. You will not be able to compare the two teams for about 5 years because The Flounders got a 3 year head start.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Pathetic? I would call 2,000 fans for USL Sounders games pathetic.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  15. Bubba says:

    Not taking sides here but speculating:
    The latin phrase “Cito Naturum, Cito Putritum” comes to mind when great success comes quickly. What WILL attendance be like and who will be going in 5 years’ time? Does the FO have a relationship with ECS? If not, there really should be a dialogue, otherwise money is the only thing that’s going to be speaking into their ears.

    I also thought the TIFO was pretty creative on multiple levels.

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