World Cup GIF: Nigel De Jong Karate Kicks Xabi Alonso – The Street Fighter Reboot

Ollie Irish

22nd, July 2010


By Ollie Irish


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  1. Chris says:


  2. QueerAsFuß says:

    Street Fighter you still make so many LOLs happen.

    I enjoyed that WC moment so much- especially since I was on beer like 12 when it happened.
    It was like: meh meh meh meh meh holy arsecakes Netherlands footy ninja! meh meh meh meh Spain wins.

    Oh what would I do without my daily WAATP? fix?

  3. Deckard says:

    Van Bommel only got eyes for the ball, fuck Xabi, that’a boy.

  4. Bawly says:

    Thank fuk De Jong didn’t join that illustrious list of shite footballers with major medals.

    Football won that day. Good on Spain. De Jong, go back and sell your motor’s. And take that knob Van Bommel with you.

  5. phenom says:

    van bommel and the rest of that dutch squad was soooo dirty i couldnt believe it. on offense: diving. on defense: dirty tackles and diving

  6. G says:

    ehm phenom, spain was diving, de jong and bommel wanted to win cup so bad. and most of the yellow cards where referee foals like with heitinga, look close at match higlights, arjen got a yellow card while spanjard hold him at waist and felt. divings like hell and referee acepted it

  7. Satan is my personal saviour says:

    van Bommel, Robben and de Jong lick each other cocks. But they’re Dutch, so they can’t be straight

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