Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is prejudiced against the mohawk hairstyle

Ollie Irish

31st, March 2021

Man Utd head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has admitted he once shut down a scouting trip early simply because the player he had come to watch had a Mohican hairstyle.

Solskjaer, who was managing Molde in Norway at the time, had travelled with a member of his scouting team to watch a potential signing, only to be dismayed because of the poor lad’s haircut.

Ole told Sky Sports: “I once went to see a player and as he walked out of the dressing room or through the tunnel onto the pitch, he had a mohican – this was when I was back in Norway.

“I just said to my scout: ‘Let’s go home, not interested.’ That was a very short scouting trip!”

Solskjaer did not elaborate on why he has such disdain for the mohawk, but presumably he thought the player’s ‘do indicated a maverick personality, one who wouldn’t fit his Molde (ahem).

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