Boffins At Produce Superb Graphic Of Every Injury Sustained In The 2014 World Cup

Alan Duffy

15th, July 2014


By Alan Duffy

Not being the brightest, some of this confuses me. However, I’m sure you clever Pies’ readers will understand every single dot and line on this fascinating illustration of all the injuries in Brazil this summer. Brought to you by the boffins at Vizualizing,org, it’s a fabulous, complex piece of work.

Click on the picture below and you can zoom in and out etc.


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  1. Common Sense says:

    Nice graphic but flawed data. Numerous injuries missing including:
    Schweinsteiger’s Agueor inflicted cheek cut
    Kuyt’s head cut that necessitated pitch-side scalp stapling
    Mascherano’s semi-final anus rip
    Brazil’s footballing legacy

  2. Dylan says:

    And the broken noses. Dempsey, plus two others perhaps?

  3. vinniejonestownmassacre says:

    A lot of injuries missing.
    USA for instance – Jozy Altidore hamstring, Clint Dempsey & Jermaine Jones broken noses…

  4. Bite Me says:

    They also missed Suarez’ hurt teeth!

  5. SZY says:

    Does someone know how David de Gea injured his penis? Should we be worried?

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