Snapshot: New Adidas ‘Tango 12’ Matchball For Euro 2012

Chris Wright

2nd, December 2011


By Chris Wright

Presenting the new Adidas ‘Tango 12’ matchball as unveiled at the Euro 2012 draw in Kiev but half-an-hour ago, a.k.a, the very ball that they’ll be hoofing around in Polkraine as of next summer…

Quick sweepstake: How long will it be until the first ‘these new balls move around to much…’ excuses start rolling in from jilted goalkeepers across the continent? I’ll have a shiny half-crown on ‘before midnight tonight’!

Here’s the original Tango for comparison’s sake…

Old Tango > New Tango all day long for me I’m afraid.

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  1. Danny says:

    You definetly haven’t played with these new balls if you think goalkeepers crys are none sense. They are rediculously unpredictive.

    Can’t beat the classic tango though!

  2. Fat Nakago says:

    The ball looks like someone snapped their fat butt cheeks into a thong.

  3. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I like the Ukrainian-Polish peasant motif in the black areas, the flower patterns. Very nice.

  4. HotSpur922 says:

    you all honestly think there is any real difference between the tango and the jabulani?…

  5. HotSpur922 says:

    I see the original post is still pending…

    sorry mate

  6. DJ says:

    The old Tango looks like one of those cheap 50p floater footballs you get at seaside towns.

  7. james walker says:

    The old ball used the tried and trusted 32 panel design, this has been around since the 50’s and to me its the best because it gives the ball enough drag to be able to pass the ball slow and fast if needed, i find the problem with these balls is they fly fast all the time , certain passes are very difficult if not imposs with this ball, i think there should be a FIFA regulation that says the balls have to be 32 panel these balls are proper footballs to me and its no coincidence the games are not as good, think of the world cup !

  8. Rob says:

    Fat Nakago,
    hilarious and true.

    Old Tango, best ball ever

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